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Anyone delaying TTC due to 'moderate risk' of Zika in Europe?

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Lucinda15 Wed 15-Jun-16 08:26:24

We are going to Spain in July. We will also be TTC again in July after few months break following 3 mc's over the last year. We have had investigations etc and have waited for results before trying again. I dnt really want to delay TTC any longer but have read the WHO statement this week saying there is a moderate risk of the zika spreading to Europe (inc Spain) as it gets warmer over summer. I was thinking of waiting the advised 28 days after travel, but that means delaying TTC for another 2 cycles (due to where ovulation falls). Part of me thinks I'm overreacting but part of me thinks it's just not worth the risk or the anxiety it will cause me if we do fall pregnant soon after or holiday if zika spreads there.

Anyone else worried about this? X

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