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Tww cd26 bfn :(

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Birdie78 Mon 13-Jun-16 10:00:35

Hi everyone I am currently ttc baby number 3. This is my first time on mumsnet. This Is our 3rd months ttc and I am in the tww. My periods are irregular between 28 and 38 cycles. Today I am on cd26. I have a few symptoms I don't usually get before af such as very tired, extremely irritable, bb's hurt but only when pressed, on/off nausea and dizziness on/off constipation have been really thirsty and needing to pee alot I took a test this morning and bfn sad I lost my grandad 3 weeks ago so hoping for a bit of happiness with a bfp this month. Is anyone else having symptoms but a bfn? Would love to hear any thoughts as I'm very confused at the moment smile thanks

MummyTo1TTC2 Mon 13-Jun-16 10:18:04

Hiya birdie
I've just posted the same kind of thread...
I'm on CD30 and having a few symptoms myself, I got BFN on CD28.
I'm unsure of my cycle length as I'm only on TTC month 2 so only had one period since removal of my coil.

My symptoms are similar to PMS so worried AF is on her way but my app is telling me it could b per early pregnancy symptoms.

Don't want to get my hopes up sad xx

Birdie78 Mon 13-Jun-16 10:31:10

Hi MummyTo1 thanks for the reply it's really difficult when your unsure of your cycle length :/
With my other 2 children I had normal af symptoms before I got bfp it was just the irritability that was worse for me and a tell tale sign, i was getting mad at every little thing!

I do have sore bb's which I know is common for af and pregnancy but they only hurt when they are pressed not sure if I get that before af - I don't usually sit poking and pushing them to see if I have pain smile

Fx u get ur bfp soon smile when are you testing again?? Xx

MummyTo1TTC2 Mon 13-Jun-16 10:46:13

It's so frustrating not knowing wether these symptoms are pg or PMS .
I would have thought by CD28 it would show up positive if I was pg, but a few people are saying wait until CD35.
I'm sure before my coil my cycle was around 30 days so I have talked myself into thinking AF is on way, I was in tears on Saturday but I just do think it's happened this month again.
My bbs are only sore when pressed too only noticed when I put my bra on this morning and thought "hmm they are a bit tender" haha, but then again it's another AF sign soooo not getting my hopes up.

OH wants to test when he gets home from work but I think I will wait another couple days because I don't want to be disappointed with another BFN.

When is your planned test day? Xx

MummyTo1TTC2 Mon 13-Jun-16 10:47:11

Don't think it's happened again**

Birdie78 Mon 13-Jun-16 11:03:30

I feel like I'm going out of my mind! Every littls twinge I'm like omg does this mean I'm pregnant! Lol

It doesn't always show up on a test early or even when ur due with my 1St I had bfn till a week late I was about cd 42! And I got bfn on cd41! and with my second I got bfp a couple days after due af and with my mc I got bfp a couple of days before due af! I think it all comes down to how much pregnancy hormone you have at that time. With some pregnancys just takes longer sad

I find it frustrating that you can experience pregnancy symptoms but not enough hormone to give you a bfp!!!

I think you should test cd30 and then cd32?? That's what I would do I'm going to test cd30...if I can hold on that long :/ xx

MummyTo1TTC2 Mon 13-Jun-16 11:13:35

It's so hard to wait to test isn't it.
I might test in the morning so will be CD31 then will test CD35 if still no show of AF.

I had really strange twinges last week felt really pinchy, I googled it and seems like a good sign (I google every little sign now haha) but I feel so heavy and crampy aswell I just really hope these are all good signs.

I do feel like AF is just round the corner though sad xx

Birdie78 Mon 13-Jun-16 11:18:19

You have to let me know your result tomorrow smile Fx'd for you

I had pinchy feeling all day yesterday on and off it was in my ovary area but on both sides where did you feel it? Xx

MummyTo1TTC2 Mon 13-Jun-16 11:44:58

Mine was just below where my knickers sit...right in the middle of uterus, I've had a few sharp twinges on my right side over the last week or so but all my cramping now is in the middle.
My cramps are feeling really strong this morning xx

Birdie78 Mon 13-Jun-16 13:00:28

Hopefully that's a good sign smile x

Willberry Mon 13-Jun-16 18:25:22

Me too! Now on cd30 bfn this morning af 4 days late. About a week ago I had 48hrs cramping on left pelvis same side as this months ovulation pain which seemed a good sign. Followed by nausea and intermittant pulling pains/bruised sensation in pelvis. Intermittant boob pain but not nearly as bad as before af normally is and the last few days lots of peeing. Don't feel remotely pre menstrual at the moment! Used to have 35 day cycles before being on pill but pretty sure I ovulated cd 15 due to cm and ov pain. Hating this waiting game! Fx for both of you.

MummyTo1TTC2 Mon 13-Jun-16 18:34:20

willberry it's horrible isn't it! I'm so tempted to test but keep thinking it may be too early, CD30 seems long enough though lol x

Willberry Mon 13-Jun-16 19:40:23

Yep horrible. Just recounted and realised I'm actually cd32 and 17dpo sure if I was pregnant something would be showing by now so waiting for af to show up so we can try again, was so sure this month everything seemed to be going so well.

MummyTo1TTC2 Mon 13-Jun-16 19:44:28

BFN again for me this eve sad I knew deep down it was AF symptoms. Wish it would hurry up now!!! Xx

Birdie78 Mon 13-Jun-16 22:18:24

Don't count yourselves out until af arrives!! Some people don't have enough pregnancy hormone to show a bfp yet with my other 2 pregnancies I didn't test positive until I was a week late xx

Willberry Mon 13-Jun-16 22:42:10

Thanks Birdie,

Had some very af like cramp this evening will be surprised if shes not here by morning now. Just looking forward to getting on with next cycle, going to opk this time and see if I'm ovulating when I think I am symptom wise. Fx for both of you.

Birdie78 Tue 14-Jun-16 18:06:39

How have you both got on today? X

MummyTo1TTC2 Tue 14-Jun-16 18:43:31

Still no AF for me, bbs are still tender, slight twinge cramps here and there throughout the day, creamy thick CM....which is odd because I do remember before my coil I would be dry for 2 days before AF xx

Birdie78 Tue 14-Jun-16 20:45:11

Sounds quite promising!! Iv been really hot today and bb's little bit more sore than yesterday have random twinges in ovary area and water cm when are you testing next? smile xx

MummyTo1TTC2 Tue 14-Jun-16 20:56:41

I'm going to wait maybe 3 days now.
I have a smear booked for tomorrow so going to ask what position my cervix is as I've heard if it's high and soft it's a good sign? Xx

Birdie78 Tue 14-Jun-16 21:37:10

OK I didn't know that!!! I got a letter asking me to book in for a smear test last year just to nervous to go :/ xx

MummyTo1TTC2 Tue 14-Jun-16 21:55:39

This is the 3rd one I have had booked this year as the 1st didn't go to plan and the 2nd I got the time wrong....I bet that it will be just my luck that AF will arrive in the morning and I will have to cancel it lol xx

Birdie78 Tue 14-Jun-16 22:16:37

I have my Fx crossed for you smile xx

Willberry Tue 14-Jun-16 22:54:59

AF arrived this morning so thats me out for this month 😢 had a 24 and 32 day cycles since coming off pill so maybe body just settling down. Annoyingly the delay has moved my fertile window which would have been whilst we were on holiday, however now looks to bevour annivrsary weekend so should work out ok lol. To be honest best just dtd all month the way my cycles are at the mo, thinking ofvusing opks next month to try and figure out what my bodys up to. Good luck to both of you.

Willberry Tue 14-Jun-16 22:57:47

Oh and Birdie, go get that smear, it's really not that bad, just a bit scratchy and could save your life. And once your pregnant will have to get used to plenty of people getting involved 'down there' so might as well start now lol!

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