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Shoney85 Sun 12-Jun-16 17:00:49

I finished microgynon 30 mid January as we are about to try to conceive from July so thought six months would be a good time to get it out my system but been reading and hearing various stories of it taking mum longer (had I known would have stop way before that). So far I've had the odd day about once a month where have had some spotting and very light bleeding but just for around a day. In February I had my smear test and spoke to the nurse about it and she said it was definitely blood and this test might bring it on a week after I did get a day of light blood. Last weekend I woke up to having extremely sore breast, something I have never experienced as well having very stringy clear mucus down below so was pretty sure I was ovulating. A week last later I have put on a bit of weight, been tired and grumpy and been a bit sore down below but no periods yet. I genuinely thought this was the first proper one. In all my reading of it I never really read of these sorts of signs just that there was no period till so months so just wonder if anyone could relate to this at all? And is this a good sign? Thanks very much

physicskate Sun 12-Jun-16 18:39:45

Unless you are pregnant, AF generally arrives about 2 weeks after ov - the egg white cervical mucus and sore breasts can be good indicators of ov. Hopefully it's a sign that periods are returning for you!!

Shoney85 Tue 21-Jun-16 21:07:22

So happy to announce I got my first proper period bleed in 5 months since coming off the pill. So happy to see it. Feeling sore below and tired. Forgot what it feels like. Just in time as well.

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