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Just been told i have PCOS

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bubble0127 Fri 19-Jan-07 00:08:48

I have just been told i have PCOS. I dont really know much about it doc hasnt given me much info just refered me to gyne... we are ttc, i have been told by the doc that it will still be possible to have a baby but we may need some treatment to help with ovulation. If anyone else is in the smae situation as me i would love to hear from you as i have no idea what i have ahead of me/us.


MamaMaiasaura Fri 19-Jan-07 00:31:08

Hi I have had PCOS diagnosis for 10 years now. Fell for ds natrually and accidentally in 1999 (born 2000). Havent had anymore, am going through fertility treeatment, waiting test results and likely to commence on clomid.

There are loads of good sites on it. Affects each person diff as you can experience mild symptons or more severe. I havent had a period for nearly 12 m now.

It can cause weight gain and hairyness too. I am lucky that I am not too affected in that way, altho am heavier than I was pre pregnancy.

This is caused by increased levels of testorone.

PCOS is very common. LOts of people on here with it so loads of support.

I have also been px with Metformin which is a diabetic medication but is meant to help the symptons of PCOS. Relativley new use for it i think.

Chandra Fri 19-Jan-07 00:36:21

You may be given clomid to help you regulate the cycle and point out which are your more fertile days. (I assume you have an irregular cycle).

If it helps, once in clomid I got pregnant in a month, although I had gone through 4 years of no birth control right before that.

chubbleigh Fri 19-Jan-07 00:47:24

I have had PCOS for about 15 years and got pg when not even trying. It doesn't generally bother me very much, I have got a tendancy towards weight gain and because of the hormones involved a low carb diet is a better option. Getting weight off and keeping it off is a big help in my case.

AttilaTheMeerkat Fri 19-Jan-07 07:19:11

One in five women have polycystic ovaries; it is very common.

PCOS is a very individualistic disorder and affects each woman with it very differently . My main symptom is irregular periods and I was diagnosed with this based on that and my bloodwork showing a classic LH/FSH imbalance. is a good website to look at.

I would also suggest you read Collette Harris's publication called "PCOS A Woman's guide to Polycystic ovarian syndrome".

Some GPs don't know all that much about PCOS (its not a condition that they should mess around with) so am glad to read that you've been referred to a gynaecologist.

Many women with PCOS are given clomid to start with. It should be used with a degree of caution in some PCOS patients as they can become clomid resistant (therefore it does not work). If you are given clomid you need to ensure you are properly monitored whilst on it (blood tests and ultrasounds) and also seen regularly by the team at the hospital.
If clomid does not work there are other treatment options like injectible drugs and ovarian diathermy surgery.

Would try to stay within the correct weight range for your height as such gain can exacerabte symptoms and its very hard to shift excess pounds.

Following a low carb diet plan is not the way to go re PCOS - it is not sustainable in the longer term. Some PCOSers follow a low GI/GL plan instead.

Would suggest you get yourself educated re PCOS (knowledge is power!) asap so you are in a better position to both ask questions of the gynae when it comes to making treatment decisions.

Natty1806 Fri 19-Jan-07 08:20:37


I have been diagnosed with slight polycystic ovaries.

I have been on clomid 5 months and am due to have ovarian drilling in March after that i think next step would be further treatment of some sort.

If you need a chat just cat me or chat on here as it sounds like we are in the same boat.

I don't have any of the symptoms that go with PCOS apart from lack of ovulation (sorted by clomid) and find it hard to lose weight (not over weight but could do with losing 7-14lbs).

rahrah1 Fri 19-Jan-07 09:27:21

Hi Natty1806, I have just been diagnosed with what they said was mild PCO also. I do not have any symptom's of PCOS, except like you said could lose a few pounds. I have had a period of sub-fertility and then got pregnant in June 2006, but we lost the baby after 24 weeks due to heavy bleeding through out the pregnancy. They have still not associated anything with that pregnancy loss, however PCO can be linked to later pregnancy issues and M/C.
They have advised that my ovulation is late and needs a kick start so have recommended clomid, however I think I am ovulating, just later than normal. I am reading Professor Regan's book where she advises that Clomid can have a couple of other effects if not totally required, like thickening of CM, that makes it hard for sperm to get through. I wonder if taking cough medicine at the same time might help that issue? How did they assess that you required Clomid? I am still a bit hesitant to take it, due to all the other issues I had. Thanks .

Natty1806 Fri 19-Jan-07 10:29:25

Am so sorry to hear your loss.

Yes i have heard that women with PCOS have higher risk of m/c. I think clomid gives you a slightly higher risk as well.

Clomid does dry up your cm, i get some but tend to use pre-seed on high fertility days.

If you read the side effects of clomid it will put you right off the list goes on and on but guess they have to list everything.

I just get a few headaches and hot flushes.

When are you thinking of starting clomid?

rahrah1 Fri 19-Jan-07 11:13:14

Thanks Natty1806, I am going to see the fertility consultant on Tuesday. The scan consultant who diagnosed my PCO recommended clomid in his letter to the fertility consultant. He said it would defo help my conceive much quicker.

Where do you get pre-seed from?

Natty1806 Fri 19-Jan-07 11:52:37

Off the internet just google it and you will find the site.

Good luck.

rahrah1 Fri 19-Jan-07 11:54:18

Thanks for that and you... XX

Vickyjake14 Tue 16-Dec-14 10:06:53

I'm so scared I have been getting pains for a few years now and doc sent me for ultrasound and it came back as serge strive pcos but I'm not over weight I'm under I weigh 7stone 9 and I'm not someone who needs suture intake and my blood tests all came back normal I have no male hormone detected in my blood I'm so confused as doc didn't explain anything to me I can't even understand him as his English is poor can anyone help me and my partner have been trying for a baby for nearly 5 months now and still nothing I'm getting really depressed over the whole situation and I'm sad keep seeing negative results please can someone help I'm only 29 but I'm sure I had a posative result the other day I have added a photo could u tell me if its a posative or a evaporation line thank you

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