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Progesterone running out early?

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Lullabellesmell Sun 12-Jun-16 05:36:36

Is it possible for progesterone to run out well before the end of the luteal phase?

From 1dpo to 6dpo I get horrible symptoms like swollen tender breasts and nipples, nausea, headaches, cramps and heartburn but by 7dpo it's all gone. From day 8 the cramping returns getting gradually stronger until af.

Aside from one early mc at the start of the year we've had no luck in a year of trying. Scans, early cycle bloods and laperoscopy all normal. The only thing they haven't (& won't) check is progesterone as my periods happen ever month.

Our sex timing has been impeccable leading up to and beyond ovulation but we're just not catching that egg.

I'm wondering if the corpus luteum isn't producing enough progesterone to maintain a pregnancy. Is that possible & how do I find out?

Lullabellesmell Sun 12-Jun-16 05:46:49

I should add that the mc cycle implanted at 6dpo (hurt like hell) with a 9dpo bfp but it only lasted 2 weeks.

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