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Has anyone got pregnant whilst on the implant?

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Mumtotwo22 Sun 12-Jun-16 00:11:08

Hi everyone. I don't post on here very often, I usually hover around reading all your lovely comments and advice for each other. But I'm having abit of a dilemma and could do with some advice or what ever (ie venting!).
Firstly I'm on the implanon implant and have been since November 2015. I have 2 children ( 6 and 19months DDs)
I'm wondering if I could be pregnant. My periods are usually really regular even whilst using the implant. But last month I had a day of (sorry if TMI!) what I'd call pre bleed, you know when your period is starting but isn't red red yet? But the next day it disappeared and hasn't been seen since. Also my boobs are sooo sore. It's like a tiny vampire had bitten them! I also feel so tired and sicky and dizzy and I have raging heartburn, which I suffered so badly with in both of my pregnancies. I keep feeling flutters in my lower tummy but I'm still really thin and can't see/ feel anything that resembles a bump which obviously I would need to be at least 14+weeks to feel something like that. what the hell is going on with me? I'm going to take a test on Monday but it's still worrying me. I googled how many women become pregnant with implants and it said 1/100 a year. But it doesn't say how many women actually have the implant so that's slightly confusing. Do you know anyone who became pregnant on it? Or did you? Any insights would be appreciated!! sorry if this is posted in the wrong place too. I'm new-ish 🙂

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