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TWW Day 13PO - Still BFN

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LouiseWS Sat 11-Jun-16 13:07:40

Hi Everyone, We are currently on our TWW, I'm the one TTC, I'm 30, I had a positive clear blue digital ovulation test on Sunday 29th May, we Ai at 11:30pm (ish) that night with fresh sperm from our donor.
Since then i've had lots of symptoms such as Uterus pulling, cramps, nausea, excessive urination and bloating. CM is either Watery which makes me think and check for my period, and when it's not doing this it is lotion like and sticky to touch. My smelling senses are also going crazy.
To be honest i've been POAS crazy, and I mean crazy everytime I go for a wee, which is a lot, each one has been a BFN, I'm beginning to lose hope really.

My last period was May 13th - 17th May, I have very irregular periods, basically it's every other month and has been this way since November 2015.

I'm so desperate for our dream to come true, we also had a chemical pregnancy in February 2016.

Could anyone offer any advice? Is it far too early to be getting a positive on hpt? I've tried £1 Asda/Pound world Tests, Clear Blue Digital + Non Digital (on which there was a faint line to make a cross but it only developed about 2 hours later, and when opened it up to inspect it closer) Several Negative FRER.

My Ovulation/Period Tracker is suggesting I'm due on this Monday, but with my irregular cycle I won't hold my breath.

Look forward to hearing from you lovely ladies.

Merdie Sat 11-Jun-16 13:32:26

Bless you flowers I fully sympathise!

I hate to say it as I think you already know this - but all you can do is keep waiting and hoping for now.

I've convinced myself on some cycles with all these symptoms and more, and then on others (when I've been PG) I've had nothing. I've had tests which were positives and then vanished with a period. And I have a friend who didn't test positive till week 8 or something. Some people don't even test positive until blood tests.

So, if you can wait until Tuesday that would be best! However, I know the frustration well.

Big hand-hold from here - my fingers are totally crossed for you!

(Last, as you probably know, if your period arrives on Monday, keep assuming you might be pregnant as it could vanish and turn out to be implantation bleeding (so don't go too mad on the winewinewine right away). That happened to someone at work too.)

LouiseWS Sat 11-Jun-16 15:54:22

Hey, thank you for the reply. I know it's silly testing so early but you gather hope form so many positive early results.
Feeling really tired today. Just want to know one way or another.

Merdie Sat 11-Jun-16 16:44:55

Oh I totally know the feeling. I'm a bit addicted to this site at the moment too smile Is this your first month TTC?

Willberry Sat 11-Jun-16 22:23:15

Hi I also have similar sympuoms to you, cramps for 48 hrs around right time for implantation, pulling sensation, bruised ferling in pelvis, nausea and now peeing for england. AF due yesterday day 13 po but bfn, not had chance yo pick up any more tests but still no af will be getting some tomorrow to test with fmu Mon. Good luck.

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