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Elevated LH after ovulation

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EmBlakey Sat 11-Jun-16 10:18:56

Hi, I've been doing natural family planning for a few years but I'm a little stumped now. Since changing my diet a few months ago my cycle got pretty screwed up, which I read is normal as its now way healthier.

Anyway, this month I had fertile cm on cd7. It often happens but I then don't ovulate for another week. It will either stop and start again or the fertile cm will hang about for a week or so until I ovulate. As it was so early this month I didn't start tempting right away as I assumed there could not have been ovulation that early. It died off after a few days and I began tempting, expecting lh to rise again soon. Nothing happened so I used opks to check - they were blank. Just a few days ago, on about cd20, they started to rise and I have a little more cm but the thing is my temps have been high consistently as they are after I have ovulated.
So I'm wondering if it is possible to have ovulated And still have a rise in lh?

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