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Am I pregnant??

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Lykke1000 Sat 11-Jun-16 06:01:43

I'm a beginner tester, the photo is taken after 3-4 mind as it took me q while to find my phone and get the settings right.

I didn't see anything within the first minute but then saw a faint line. The same happened yesterday morning. I have zero symptoms apart from cravings which is my main pms symptom.
I guess I should buy a digital test?

amysmummy12345 Sat 11-Jun-16 06:02:59

I see lines, congrats!!!

Scarydinosaurs Sat 11-Jun-16 06:07:30

Congrats! Get a digital- that's a decent line

MrsGsnow18 Sat 11-Jun-16 10:36:48

I'd say that's a positive!! Congratulations!!

Evergreen17 Sat 11-Jun-16 10:57:05

Het a FRER
I am 4+3 and got three positive FRER but my cheapies and still showing the faintest line, fainter than yours so i say congrats and get a FRER grin

Lykke1000 Sat 11-Jun-16 11:06:34

Thanks for your responses.. I still don't know what to think of it. I don't want to get excited too early. I'm going to get the digital one later today. Do you know if it's likely to get faint lines like this that turn out to be false positives?

ShowOfHands Sat 11-Jun-16 11:11:42

There's no reason to waste money on another test unless you want to literally piss on a tenner's worth of marketing.

You're pregnant grin

ShowOfHands Sat 11-Jun-16 11:12:52

False positives are extremely rare. That's not even particularly faint tbh. Have faith!

bomfunk Sat 11-Jun-16 12:18:23

That's a clear cut test - you are pregnant as fuck!

Nutcaserugby Sat 11-Jun-16 12:24:25

Hello what does this mean?

haveacupoftea Sat 11-Jun-16 12:32:52

nutcase thats negative by looks of it, sorry

Nutcaserugby Sat 11-Jun-16 12:42:28

Thats fine i just dont understand how to read it-thanks a lot.

m33r Sun 12-Jun-16 14:00:18

lykke That is a strong strong line IME! X

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