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OPKs - any recommendations, or are they all the same?

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HospitalHassler Fri 10-Jun-16 15:16:15

Finally taking the plunge and going to order some OPKs on line. I'm thinking of just buying the cheap strips - do they work? Is there a particular brand that's better than others?

Any recommendations?

Johno85 Sat 11-Jun-16 07:08:46

Hey HH. I'm surprised you haven't had any replies so far Hun. I initially used the One step opk's that I bought on Amazon. You can get 30 for less than £7. They are the green and white ones and lots of people seem to use them. I unfortunately never got a positive and became impatient (may have just been down to my cycles as well).

Last month I used the clear blue digital dual hormone opk and had a mare with that as well with 20 days of flashing smileys (it's not meant to do that either!).

This month however I used the CB digital again and got my peak opk at cd19.

I think it just comes down to preference and cost. The digital ones are expensive but take out the guess work of squinting at a line.

Good luck

BorisIsBack Sat 11-Jun-16 07:25:22

I used the one step cheap from Amazon, then I could use three in a day of I wanted to watch the LH surge change.

HospitalHassler Sun 12-Jun-16 20:47:07

Thank you both - I've ordered a pack of the internet cheapies, to start me off with.

My cycles are regular as clockwork, so I'm hoping ovulation will be easy to detect. But I had surgery for severe endometriosis recently, so we have a ticking clock to get pg before the disease returns again.

So I'm throwing everything at the next few cycles....

Johno85 Mon 13-Jun-16 17:35:03

Good luck hospital. Keep us posted X

homeiswheretheginis Thu 16-Jun-16 22:18:55

Just a quick one - but I got pregnant first time with both of my children using the clearblue monitor. It's a bit pricey but really worth it...

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