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2 weeks late, negative tests. Advice?

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Cheby Wed 08-Jun-16 10:13:02

I could really do with some advice; wondering if anyone has experienced anything like this? My period is 2 weeks late and I'm not pregnant. This is very unusual for me.

We have just started TTC number 2. I'm 35. DD is 3.

We are on month 2, but my cycle has gone completely haywire and I'm really worried.

I started doing ovulation tests on cycle day 11. Got a fairly strong result straight away but not what I'd say was fully positive. Expected it to increase, but result only got weaker. I figured that I must have ovulated early and missed the positive result. We DTD cycle days 11 and 12.

I am now on CD 42, no period, pregnancy tests are all negative. I had a blood test done when my period was 4 days late, also negative.

My cycle has always been very reliable. I have never ever missed a period. I had 1 cycle of 34 days around 12 months ago but other than that they have all been consistent at 26/27/28 days. For my whole adult life.

I am really starting to panic about why this is happening. Im already worried about my age (and weight, although I weigh less than when I conceived DD, first month of trying). And it feels particularly cruel that my cycle gets messed up when we finally start TTC (we have been forced to wait for well over a year due to work and house moves).

Had this ever happened to anyone else? Is it just a case of waiting? At what point do I see my GP again?

macoronicheese2015 Wed 08-Jun-16 10:22:56

Hiya Iv had this !! Turns out my almost positive wasn't a pos opk and I only geared up I ovulated 2-3 weeks later for some reason !! Keep ov testing xx

Cheby Wed 08-Jun-16 10:33:23

Thank you. It is reassuring to know it's not just me. Has everything been normal for you since that odd month? X

macoronicheese2015 Wed 08-Jun-16 11:20:19

It was may , I thought I ovulated with fairly dark test , then a week later I ovulated properly with pains and a v v dark test , currently 6dpo and will see what my af is like it's due next Tuesday , previously my cycles have been 31 days but in December I had a fake surge and ovulated properly 3 weeks later ../ I fell preg but miscarried but it's deffo common to have delayed ovulation due to stress or diet change etc what tests you using cheapies ? Xx still using opks now ?

Cheby Wed 08-Jun-16 12:40:53

I'm sorry for your loss. Keeping my fingers crossed for you for this month. X

It has been an odd month, I've had some medical tests for other things (all ok thankfully). Things have never been messed up by stress for me before though.l

I'm just using Amazon cheapies. I'm new to all the charting and stuff, with DD I got pregnant first attempt. I stopped doing ovulation tests though (stupidly thought I was pg). So I may have ovulated already I suppose. I restarted this morning (got a very negative test!).

macoronicheese2015 Wed 08-Jun-16 13:43:13

As long as you are dtd every two days or so it doesn't matter too much if u miss it on a stick I say :-) I always know when Iv ovd for sure by my awful cramps which literally cripple me over so you get any signs ? And I definitely feel hotter

babydances Wed 08-Jun-16 14:36:46

Did u Cary on checking ov with the sticks after u got the darker line?

Last month my cycle was oddly 49 days and I was completely confused. I put it down to stress as I had a very stressful two weeks at the beginning of that cycle.

You could go to the doctors and ask for a blood test.

Cheby Wed 08-Jun-16 19:31:14

I carried on testing for the rest of the week and got progressively lighter lines. So that's when I figured I must have missed it. But now CD 42 and still nothing.

I've never had signs of ovulation that I've noticed really, unfortunately.

Thinking of going to the GP on Friday when I'm off and asking if they'll check my hormones or something.

If it was something awful like early menopause I'd have other symptoms, right?

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