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Please help, I've just about had it and want to cry :(

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user1465342817 Wed 08-Jun-16 00:51:28

Suppose to be ovulating in the next 48 hours. Did the hanky panky with my DP this evening and after 20 minutes of waiting before I got up, I decided I really did need a wee so I went.

There was only a tiny tiny bit of semen on my nicks and so I decided to check my cervix to see where it all went confused I know this has probably impacted my chances. Anyway, there wasn't really anything there...

I decided to put a menstrual cup in place to keep everything that was there, there. I know it's only a theory that this helps at all but after all these months of trying, I'm willing to give anything a shot.

Here's the thing: It went in fine, never had a problem putting it in anyway, BUT half of the bloody thing was sticking out, so much so that I could see half the base confused checked my cervix again and it's in a really low and confusing position. What is going on here? The cup went in fine, no problem but won't stay in, it just kept coming out. My cervix is too low down.

I'm really confused, I feel like sobbing sad Where the bloody hell did all that semen disappear to?! I know full well DP did indeed burst a full load because I felt it, if that makes sense. Not to mention he clarified he was sure he did, and that he hadn't ejaculated in over 2 days anyway.

Sorry for all these gross details, but I've really had enough. It's been 7/8 months since my miscarriage and still nothing, not even a chemical. Myself and DP are young and healthy too.

What is going on!

UnderTheGreenwoodTree Wed 08-Jun-16 01:03:42

Cervix low down is a good sign, if he def ejaculated, and you lay there for 20mins afterwards, then I think you're ok.

Calm down, don't cry, do it again tomorrow thanks

Did he definitely, definitely ejaculate? I must admit, I've never it completely 'disappear' like that.

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