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I can't believe it.

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undertherainbow Tue 07-Jun-16 20:30:30

Potted history - ttc for more years than I care mention, one DS finally through egg donation, he's now 2. We've been discussing a second round of IVF this autumn.

I suspect I'm pregnant. Faint faint faint line this morning on a IC. It could be an evap... but I feel different too.

I'm thrilled, terrified, upset that if it all works out DS will feel less my son than this child. There's no one to tell in RL as DH is away all week. Maybe it's all in my head and the line won't get any darker. Maybe it's not there at all.


DailyMailGOFuckOff Tue 07-Jun-16 20:40:58


Your DS IS as much yours as this baby. Don't sweat it. Iv heard lots of people say they worry they won't love another child the same as their first, I think that's normal. When I had DS I prevented pregnancy (knowing it was very unlikely with infertility anyhow) terrified that I'd never be able to equal my love for another if it happened

You will though, love them both equally and feel as much their mother

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