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anyone had similar with ovulation please :)...

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macoronicheese2015 Tue 07-Jun-16 12:01:54

Hi ladies grin so I had a mc in Jan didn't get period till March I started tracking cycle length in April - periods April may have been 31 days , luteal phase of 12days both cycles .... So I expected ovulation around cd 16/17 did tests all dark but not quite positive hmm anyway fast forward a few days I got a pos opk on Thursday 2nd June .... That's like cd 26?! Does this mean my af will now be due later so 14th June?! Not the 8th ahhh help plz xxx
This is when we dtd hoping for a girl

hanflan Tue 07-Jun-16 13:07:18

Firstly, dtd just in case! It's fairly common for the body to gear up for ovulation but not quite make it (hence the almost positive opks), and this time you might have ovulated for sure.

The other option is.... have you taken a pregnancy test?! Pregnancy can cause positive opk results!

When would you usually be expecting your period?

macoronicheese2015 Tue 07-Jun-16 13:35:51

smile havnt been able to dtd anymore as we have a houseful atm dogs just had a litter f puppies and building work is underway so tired and have v bad conjunctivitis atmconfusedit's not good.... I deffo ovulated the second time on 2nd though my opk sucked the dye out and also I had usual ov pains that crippled me over on Thursday (test was wed)grin do you think there's a good chance I deffo feel like this month is over already:-( but I'm due my af tomorrow from my previous 31 day cycles...since ovulation was later will my af be later (I hope I don't develop a short luteal phase !!confused) my cycle I was pregnant in December was 39 days I ovulated cd25 I think so it's happened before with late ov I'm 5dpo today I think anyways xxx

macoronicheese2015 Tue 07-Jun-16 13:49:27

Also sorry yes taken tests all bfn was def ovulation with the pains I got X x

Lucy1308 Tue 07-Jun-16 19:23:13

Hi macoroni I had what you are describing only much further apart. Almost positive OPKs on CD13/14 but BFN 14 days later (and more!). Then had dull right sided pain so OPKed again about 2/3 weeks since and came up as a better positive. I just got my BFP over the weekend so all is definitely not lost!! Fingers crossed for you!

macoronicheese2015 Wed 08-Jun-16 09:38:02

Hopefully we have done it , not feeling any symptoms yet hopefully to early blush deliberately dtd two days before to try for a girl but really wish we had on the day of ovulation haha when did you dtd in your fertile days ?? Xx

Lucy1308 Wed 08-Jun-16 09:57:49

By some miracle we managed to DTD every day from 2 days before to a couple of days after. Total accident as I was feeling totally lousy and he was super duper busy at work. I guess it's the ones before OV that work rather than trying to time it right on the day or after!!

macoronicheese2015 Wed 08-Jun-16 10:16:44

Lucy that's given me a teeny bit of hope!!:-) thank you , this month Iv not tested at all and I won't until Sunday or Monday I think il be 10/11dpo my luteal phase is only 12 days anyways ... Hopefully my oh has strong swimmers grin and sorry how rude of me omg big congrats on the bfp perfect time being summer :-) how exciting are u gonna have an early scan? Xx

macoronicheese2015 Wed 08-Jun-16 10:18:20

And of course wink did you have any symptoms early on? Or later( or at all lol) Iv got zero like my boobs don't even hurt so I'm trying to be positive but I'm in doubt

Lucy1308 Wed 08-Jun-16 10:33:30

My boobs are maybe slightly sore but nothing really worth noting. I'm quite tired but again not unusual. So pretty much no haha! I just feel normal if you ignore the wind and the bloating (which is probably less likely to be pregnancy and more likely what I've been eating cake)

macoronicheese2015 Wed 08-Jun-16 10:40:54

grinI'm windy but doubt it's any symptom lol deffo all the salad and chicken Iv eaten !! Ah well prob sounds bad but Iv had so many months of bfn and mcs over the year and a half that if I don't fall this cycle I'm not gonna panick (trying the relaxed approach this cycle !!) there's next month I can't promise no opks test next month lol but il see what happens shock first test Sunday bloody frers are so hard to find in super markers !! Will do one then the next on Tuesday when I'm due and that's it (world record usually I'm testing daily with ic haha) glad to hear little symptoms though glad it's summer so many distractions ...mostly food wink

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