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Is this a bfp?

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FriendlyGhost Mon 06-Jun-16 12:36:24

I did this test earlier and I'm not sure whether it's positive or not! The pack said a red line would appear but it looks like a white line with red around it. I'm about 11 days post ovulation and af is due on Thursday so still early days but I got impatient! Does it look positive?

Whataboutwhathuh Mon 06-Jun-16 12:37:32

It looks flooded and the strip which would turn pink if positive is showing up against it. I'd try another one in a day or so, doesn't look positive from here but it's early days.

NeedACleverNN Mon 06-Jun-16 12:38:11

Urm I would do it again

I can see a line but like you said it looks white with red around it

FriendlyGhost Mon 06-Jun-16 12:40:05

Thanks. I wondered if I had got it a bit wet! This is what happens when you've got a toddler trying to reach into the toilet to help! I'll do another one in a bit.

NeedACleverNN Mon 06-Jun-16 12:43:07

You might find it easier to pee into a cup and then dip it as opposed to holding it under the stream of urine

FriendlyGhost Mon 06-Jun-16 13:24:56

I followed your advice CleverNN and peed into a cup. It's a clear bfp smile

NeedACleverNN Mon 06-Jun-16 13:37:18

Congrats!! star

Barefootcontessa84 Mon 06-Jun-16 13:40:29

FriendlyGhost! Congrats! What type of test did you use? I haven't held out either and tested yesterday... BFN for now but still early days perhaps?

FriendlyGhost Mon 06-Jun-16 14:16:16

I initially did a waitrose own brand one. That didn't go so well. Got my bfp with a clearblue. It says you can test 4 days before Af on that.

FriendlyGhost Mon 06-Jun-16 14:16:39

Hope you get your bfp soon barefoot!

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