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TTC. Clearblue Advanced Fertility Monitor help!

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user1465161405 Mon 06-Jun-16 00:00:57

I bought the monitor after having my implant removed. I got one low day on day 6, two high days day 7 and 8, two peak days days 9 and 10, one high day 11, then low 12 onwards (I didn't realise you had to stop testing). This was over two weeks ago and after some very promising but faint lines on hpt I had my bloods done at the GP and he said HCG was 1 sad I have had no bleeding whatsoever for 5 years whilst on the implant, a tiny one on 1st may then no more bleeding at all (I've attached a pic of monitor). I have had loads of symptoms but feeling very lost right now! Has anyone else had a peak then no period and negative for pregnancy? Thanks in advance xx

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