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Ladies Hoping For BFP In June :) (Continued From May Thread)

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MummyTo1TTC2 Sat 04-Jun-16 22:52:55

Hi there everyone!
So some of you may have followed my May post and seen some of us didn't get our BFP

I will copy my previous start post....

Hope all your TTC days are nearly over and hopefully getting some positives in May grin (now June)
Thought I would start a thread for is hoping to get their BFP in/around May (June) time so we can share a journey like I did with other women when TTC my DD smile

Some stats....

Age: 25
TTC: #2
Had the mirena coil removed 5 days ago (now longer...removed on April 21st)
Really hoping to concieve before my 1st cycle hmm

....didn't happen so here is my update since my post.

So I had a bleed on April 23rd - April 26th
Then AF arrived on May 15th - May 17th

So I am assuming I'm on day 20 of my cycle as I'm unsure since my coil came out.

Look forward to hearing from you lovelies xx

Poppydm Sat 04-Jun-16 23:16:31

Hi Mummyto1 smile
I'm not far behind you. On CD16 of my first cycle after what I think was my first real AF after the pill. Have you had a 'busy' FW? We've been DTD every other day pretty much but I haven't had a positive OPK so hoping I have ovulated and just missed it as I've only been checking once per day and probably not at best times or using the best samples. Fingers crossed for you.

MummyTo1TTC2 Sat 04-Jun-16 23:45:32

Very busy and gone through many OPKs and HPTs not having much luck sad last 2 days I've been getting awful cramps so feel like AF is on its way already! Xx

Poppydm Sat 04-Jun-16 23:52:47

Did you get a positive OPK? Would it not be too early for AF? Do you have any idea when you ovulated as also may be too early for HPTs to pick up anything. Maybe cramping could be a good sign of other things going on? Everything crossed for you X

MummyTo1TTC2 Sun 05-Jun-16 11:42:52

My period calendar shows I should get AF in the next few days but I think that's because it's been worked out from my first bleed after the coil.....which I think was just a hormonal change bleed.

I OPKs never got to positive when I tested but I gave up testing after a week as we DTD ever other day anyway.

Cramping really feels like AF cramps but I'm praying I am wrong smile xx

MummyTo1TTC2 Sun 05-Jun-16 11:58:32

I've been getting my cramps for about 5-7 days now just looked into it and according to my google research implantation cramps don't last that long sad dammit xx

MummyTo1TTC2 Sun 05-Jun-16 12:41:05

This is yesterday's OPK I took it just to see if maybe I was ovulating late (I am sure I have already ovulated though because I can always feel it every month)

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