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Help and Advice needed - stuck in limbo! TMI!

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SpreadOnToast Fri 03-Jun-16 12:58:37

Hi Guys. I'm currently stuck in limbo land! I've not had AF since April. I've always been regular, between 28-30 days. I'm currently on CD 40 with no sign of AF. I think I ov-ed on CD 21 as got peak opk on CD19 and then EWCM on CD20 and CD21. Also preg tested every day since AF due and on a few days have had a very faint line but it's not constant, today there was nothing and other days there has been nothing only for faint line to appear same day. CM has been all over the place too; from AF due date I've had stretchy clear CM, a bit thicker than EWCM but same appearance. Then had very clear and watery and today it's more like creamy white lotion. I've got a bit of crampy feeling today. I am TTC but have given up hoping for BFP and just want to know either BFP or BFN. Limbo land is really hard!

physicskate Fri 03-Jun-16 13:43:24

A faint line on an HCG (pregnancy) test is a positive. If the line is not getting darker, I would probably make a trip to the GP for bloods...

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