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There's no line is there?

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Bambooshoots14 Wed 01-Jun-16 07:48:02

Second opinions please. The dye seems to have spread to where a line would be. But there's no line is there?

CatsCantFlyFast Wed 01-Jun-16 07:48:45

No, no line

WaxingGibbon Wed 01-Jun-16 07:50:07

No I can't see one

Bambooshoots14 Wed 01-Jun-16 07:55:09

Ok thanks. Wishful thinking squinting

chelle792 Wed 01-Jun-16 07:56:18

I tend to read those ones once the pink has all faded. Rightly or wrongly, I don't know.

HungryHorace Wed 01-Jun-16 08:06:28

It looks flooded to me. Maybe don't dunk it for as long next time.

Good luck!

ShowOfHands Wed 01-Jun-16 08:08:54

It does look flooded. Did you hold it in the pot too long?

iwillbemrsminty Wed 01-Jun-16 11:19:22

Inverted it for you.

Does look flooded. What does it look like now?

haveacupoftea Wed 01-Jun-16 23:53:55

Sorry, no sadflowers

Bambooshoots14 Thu 02-Jun-16 07:21:04

Thanks all. Still no line so must of been flooding

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