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Bleeding 2 days after LH Surge. Am I ovulating?

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mangotango15 Mon 30-May-16 16:15:59

Hi everyone,

I came off the pill at the end of January and have been monitoring my cycles since then.

Things are still very unsettled at the moment;
First cycle 13 days
Second Cycle 29 days (light spotting on day 22)
Third cycle 47 days. (no bleeding between cycles)
Currently on day 25 of this cycle. (light spotting yesterday, day 24)

I purchased the One Step ovulation sticks a few weeks ago and have been using them every day of this cycle to try and work out when I am ovulating. I wasn't tracking ovulation/LH at all during first few 2 cycles as knew my body could take a while to settle after coming off the pill.

On Friday (day 22) I had a very clear positive for LH surge, however I noticed some blood when I went to the toilet yesterday (day 24). It was very, very light and has stopped today.

Is this normal two days after having my LH surge? I thought it was going to be the start of my period as my cycles are all over the place, but I haven't had any blood today.

I didn't have any bleeding during my third cycle, but had spotting on day 22 of my second cycle.

Could the spotting have anything to do with the LH surge/ovulation? day 22 seems to be quite late to have a LH surge, does anyone else have this so late into their cycle?

Thanks everyone smile

MrsGsnow18 Mon 30-May-16 17:01:00

Hi mangotango
Day 22 is within normal range for LH surge, I have very long cycles and ovia will predict day 22 or 23 for me to ovulate, as it's supposed to be around 14 days before next AF.
It could just be that your body is still getting back to normal after being on the pill.
Maybe it could also be implantation bleeding? Not sure how soon this happens, did you dtd in days leading up to positive OPK?

mangotango15 Mon 30-May-16 20:14:01

Hi Snow,

Thanks for your reply.

That's reassuring that my LH surge is within the normal range, I was starting to worry that it was really late.

I was on the pill for about 13 years, so I expected things would take some time to get back to normal. I'm just glad that I've had a few natural cycles though.

Oh and definitely not implantation bleeding!

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