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Implantation bleed 1wk ago?

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TeaLover89 Mon 30-May-16 10:15:40

So I usually take the pill however I missed a couple due to being away on holiday (long story).
Last Monday I experienced what I am now imagining to be an implantation bleed. (It was approx half and hour of a very small amount of bleeding- mainly when I wiped. I assumed it was my period. I stopped for my 7 pill free days and haven't had a withdrawal bleed at all like I would normally have. Tried a HPT a day or so ago but BFN. I don't know what to expect. Should I start my new pack of pills? Should I hold off in case I am pregnant?
Additional info: my partner and I are wanting children after we get married in Aug so it wouldn't be a bad thing but it would be sooner than expected. blush

MmmMalbec Mon 30-May-16 10:22:00

It could have been break through bleeding because you'd missed a few pills? It took me 6 months to get a normal period when I came off the pill so if I was you I'd stop taking it now any way to allow your cycle to come back to normal if you want to TTC in a few months. But some people do get pregnant after missing a few pills, so maybe just don't take the pill and test again in a week or so?

DizzyNorthernBird Mon 30-May-16 11:04:49

This happened to me once when I was on the pill. I'd only missed one day. GP said it was probably just due to hormone fluctuation and I was given the morning after pill as a precaution.

TeaLover89 Mon 30-May-16 21:32:46

Thank you. I'm just in a quandary about what to do next. I suppose I will wait a few days more and then test again?

TeaLover89 Mon 30-May-16 21:34:19

I'm just wondering whether or not to continue the pill or not. I'm not wanting to arouse suspicion to my partner to be honest. confused

DizzyNorthernBird Tue 31-May-16 07:36:48

When are you due to start your next pack? You could test just before it's due to start, just to be sure, then make a decision about whether to continue? That way you're still properly covered.

August isn't too far away! If it were me I'd probably hold off ttc until afterwards, you don't want your day spoiled by early pregnancy symptoms (if not already pg)

DizzyNorthernBird Tue 31-May-16 07:38:20

*you don't want your wedding day spoiled is what I meant to say

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