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symptoms of pregnancy negative tests not UTI.

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urgh007 Fri 27-May-16 09:09:02

I had unprotected sex a couple of weeks ago.
This week I have been feeling extremely sick.
Excessive salivation as well and a continuous need to urinate. I have had lots of cramping and sometimes a sharpness like I have been pinched or scratched inside.
Walking around the supermarket I was heaving at the smells from certain aisles and had to leave promptly.

I feared pregnancy so took a test two days before my period and it was negative.

Having got a negative test I assumed due to the constant need to urinate I must have a UTI which could possibly have caused sickness. Went to docs and it came back crystal clear. No infections whatsoever. I asked doctor what else it could be and he said stress....but I don't feel stressed, and certainly not at that point when the symptoms began.
I was due on my period yesterday. I didn't come on.

The night before period due I noticed white tissue like substance in my urine which had some brown dots (about the size of a belt hole) within the mucus type tissue floating in my pee. It kinda freaked me out as I haven't seen anything like it. But since I had been to the doctors and nothing was found in urine as infection I just let it go because I was tired I just went to bed.

My appetite has decreased as I feel so ill when I eat.

I'm not so sensitive to smells any more but for two days I was really bad.

This morning (Day after missed period) I took the clear blue test first pee of the day this time, and again still comes up not pregnant.

I'm not and haven't been trying to conceive but I am now starting to stress out. (which may delay my period, but the other symptoms appeared before my stressing).

If these symptoms aren't pregnancy and aren't UTI then what else could they be? I can't leave google alone right now trying to find out what's wrong with me.

No family members or friends have come down with anything recently which I might have caught either. I'm absolutely bewildered.

Willberry Fri 27-May-16 23:22:58

I had similar symptoms last month (first month off pill and ttc) but AF arrived so think it may just have been my body readjusting to the hormones of my normall cycle. Will see if I get the same thing this month.

urgh007 Sat 28-May-16 13:12:15

Thanks for your message Willberry.
I went back to the doctors yesterday. Again a negative test for UTI, and this time a pregnancy test was taken and that too was negative.

Today I have had some brown spots in my knickers.
I got implantation bleeding in my previous pregnancy so I just bought some pregnancy tests which I will take next week, and I also bought some pregnancy vitamins, just in case it turns out I am.

If not then its only £20 lost, which is nothing in the possible bigger picture.

This is completely unplanned so I'm very confused and possibly paranoid about all this sickness and loss of appetite I'm experiencing, which in turn could be delaying my period.

Willberry Sat 28-May-16 17:34:09

Blinking hormones the things our bodies put us through eh. Can uderstand how confusing and stressful this is for you. Wish our bodied would just lightup a little sign when we were pregnant!

urgh007 Sun 29-May-16 12:20:35

I'm just updating this as I looked everywhere on the internet for pregnancy signs and negative UTI and I couldn't find anything. It was always suggested a possible UTI.

Last night I did an implantation chart on the internet (which we all know is true;)) and it was suggested implantation would take place 25/6/16. It was that day I found my strange white/brown specks discharge in the toilet.
The chart also gave a recommended date to take the test and recommended tomorrow...... so I took it this morning, perhaps to see if the internet would be wrong.

The internet was right. I got a negative this morning.
I plan to test gain Friday although I don't know I will keep to this.
Still no period. I felt exhausted this morning.

I will update again with my next test. Hopefully someone might find this helpful in the future. I know I have found some threads on the internet very helpful.

simplydivine05 Mon 30-May-16 20:11:00

Stress delay your period, it delays ovulation. You pretty much always have your period the same number of days after ovulation every cycle and it never changes by more than a day or two either side. How long is your cycle usually and when was your period due? When did you have unprotected sex? Are you on any kind of birth control or have you been recently?

urgh007 Wed 01-Jun-16 13:52:56

Thank you for your reply simply. I have a 26 day cycle and had unprotected sex during expected time of ovulation on 14th. My period was due two days ago, and indeed I have been stressed with this fear. It wouldn't have been ideal circumstances.
This morning I took the last pregnancy test and it was negative. Later today I came on my period. I feel a sense of sadness as my mind had been ticking with how I would deal with the situation and I figured it was something I could deal with but overall this is a good thing.
I decided to update this just because on the internet so few original posters update their posts, which can be frustrating.

simplydivine05 Wed 01-Jun-16 16:15:15

Just seen the typo in my post, it should have said "stress doesn't delay your period". Your ovulation may have been late though. Unless you are temping and using opks you can't be sure when you ovulate, and even then, it isn't always accurate.
I'm glad you know now.

urgh007 Thu 02-Jun-16 21:31:42

Just an update on this situation.
My period is bright red and a watery, thin consistency very dull cramping but not painful. Not at all like my usual period.
I disregarded the pregnancy test as a negative because the second line wasn't particularly clear, in fact it was incredibly faint, but having experienced bright red watery implantation bleeding with my first child (I assumed that time I wasn't pregnant because it lasted 3-4 days) and an extremely faint positive line on the test, I'm inclined to assume I may be pregnant or at least was, especially with the other symptoms.

I wouldn't have thought I would get implantation bleeding so late though, so it may be a chemical pregnancy.

I will be testing next week when the bleeding has stopped.

MagpieCursedTea Fri 03-Jun-16 07:50:49

Is the cramping concentrated on any particular side? Just asking as a faint positive and bleeding with that sort of pain could indicate ectopic. Hopefully it's just a late period or breakthrough bleeding from an anovulatory cycle (fairly common even with women who usually have regular cycles).
If you've had a positive test though and the line came up in under 10 minutes, it's worth speaking to your doctor again.

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