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Acupuncture and effects on cycle - anybody had similar?

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chestnut20 Thu 26-May-16 09:04:51

I started acupuncture in February this year to try to help with my fertility. We have been ttc for 5 years and in this time unfortunately had 2 mc. Tests show low AMH, not surprising really as I have just turned 45 years old but before going the assisted route have been giving natural conception every chance hence trying acupuncture.

Prior to acupuncture regular cycles 26-28 days with quite obvious ovulation symptoms (mittelschermez etc) and clear positive opk's at the correct time etc. Tests have showed that I am ovulating. Whilst I understand you can have regular cycles and not ovulate everything has been pointing to me ovulating. Only ever had a few irregular cycles after mc's.

Since starting acupuncture - NOTHING! First cycle of treatment cd 35 no sign of anything so acupuncture used to induce AF which it did within 24 hrs. 2nd cycle of treatment, although body felt like trying ovulate - nothing cd 64 acupuncture used to induce AF which again it did within 24 hrs. Now on cd 13 and no sign of body preparing for ovulation and not even a faint line on opk's .

Has anybody else experienced this with acupuncture? I feel very well in myself and have more energy than normal but my cycle seems to have gone haywire since starting acupuncture. Any ideas?

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