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Recurrent mc's while TTC#2 - going to Coventry. But can immune problems be a cause after one successful pregnancy?

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Lucinda15 Thu 26-May-16 08:30:25

I had one DS in an unplanned, happy and smooth pregnancy 5 years ago. Started TTC #2 last year and have had 3 mc's (11.5 wks, 5wks, 8wks).

I have been referred to 3 mc clinics all offering slightly different things; my local rmc (routine mc screening), st Mary's London (sticky blood etc) and Coventry (immune testing).

St Mary's explained that even though I have had one successful pregnancy, the sticky blood could have developed over time.

I'm due to see Coventry next week - but started wondering if immune problems would have been there all the time, and if my first pregnancy indicates this is not a problem for us? They didn't ask over the phone when I called them and I'm only thinking of it now.

Has anyone had experience of either sticky blood or immune problems being the cause of recurrent miscarriage after a successful pregnancy? Interested to hear of other experiences

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