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Can anyone help - confused by Ovia, my cycle, and when I can test!

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ThePartyArtist Tue 24-May-16 16:14:58

We plan to start TTC next month, although once or twice have got a little carried away and perhaps not been as careful as we should have.

Since February I've been recording when my periods happen, using the Ovia app. I came off the pill almost a year ago, having been on it for ten years.

Is there anything else I should be tracking etc. to make sure we time sex at the best time for conception. DH says he'd like to know when so he can avoid alcohol on those days. I think we're both concerned not to make it too much of a chore or any pressure.

I am also a bit confused by Ovia. My periods have been as follows:
Feb 16 - 20 (5 days).
March 15 - 19 (5 days).
April 10 - 14 (4 days).
May 3 - 11 (9 days).

I don't know why May's period was so long, or started so early (2 weeks and 2 days after April's)! And now it's projecting my next one to start on 29 May but based on the previous 4 months I'd expect more like 12 June. I don't know how early I can test, even though it is unlikely I am pregnant now. Also don't know whether to believe Ovia about when I am fertile or go by the previous few months' patterns, as May seems to be a bit of a blip.

So confused!

broodypsycho Thu 26-May-16 16:19:01

Hello. Firstly don't rely on apps to tell you when your are fertile, they're a guide only. Get some ovulation tests, I prefer the clear blue ones but you can start off on the Internet cheapies. Also check cervical mucus.
Secondly, your cycles will be all over when coming off the pill for so long and may vary each month I know mine did when I came off my contraception.
And last but not least try not to early test, women on here drive themselves crackers peeing on sticks as little as 7 days past ovulation and it makes ttc more emotional and expensive. Leave it until Af is round about due and give it af a few days to show

Good luck

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