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Last AF 3 days late, this one now 4 days late, poas twice and both negative

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BlueC2 Sun 22-May-16 19:55:05

Well, I wasn't expecting to post on this board again!! We're not ttc as are content with our two DC (4yo and 22m) and DH about to book for the snip. AF has been v regular since it came back after dc2 was born with a couple of exceptions but nothing like this before. I'm still breastfeeding dc2 so that could make a difference but if anything she's feeding less often (finally sleeping better) rather than feeding more. My AF has been v v heavy and painful since having dc2 but I 'think' my last and early AF was a bit lighter. I've been v bloated this cycle and have had lots of stabbing pains around my left ovary, also been getting cramps on/off for the last week as if AF about to start but still no sign! I've poas twice, first time a couple of weeks ago and second time on Friday, both negative.

Anyone had similar??? Wondering if my cycle has just gone randomly wonky, whether I'm pregnant but it's not showing up for some reason or whether it's an early miscarriage that hasn't completed yet?? I had an mms five years ago before having dc1 and ended up having a d&c as my body held onto it for 6 weeks (we only found out at 12week scan)...just a bit confused, guess I may need to poas again???

BlueC2 Mon 23-May-16 12:54:34 5 days late 😂 What is my body up to?! Lots of AF like cramps but nothing else...

haveacupoftea Mon 23-May-16 22:15:18

Maybe see GP for a blood test?

BlueC2 Tue 24-May-16 09:29:21

Thanks haveacupoftea, was about to book a docs app when AF decided to make an appearance late yesterday...v odd! And strange as I thought tiredness and stress may have been a delay factor and it started just after I'd had some potentially exhausting and stressful news!! I am going to keep a log of my cycle times though as if it keeps playing silly whatnot's I'm going to pop to the docs anyway as the extreme boating, lots of mid cycle cramps and super heavy painful AF isn't really my preference going forward!

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