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Late Ovulation and OPK

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Beanie1981 Sun 22-May-16 03:49:52


First time post! We've been trying for 5months now and this cycle I bought the CB OPK pack. I'm on my 9th day of blinkey smiley face after starting to test on CD10. I'm not on CD23 and starting to feel like it's never going to happen.
I came off the pill in January after 16years on it and I think the first 3 months were getting back to something normal. I'm 35 and so a little worried about how my fertility will be. My husband is unhelpfully telling me to relax and that we should just keep trying. I'm charting (which showed a rise on CD19 and it has stayed higher than usual since. I've got a BFN so I know it can't be that. I'm really scared to go to the doctors and I'm trying to not be impatient. Can anyone help please?

LuckyinOctober Sun 22-May-16 09:04:42

If you've got a temp rise of .2 + sustained for 3 days or more, which it sounds like you do, that would be consistent with ovulation having already happened, but just. The BFN doesn't mean anything, it's too early to test. I'd keep taking your temps and watch the trend. I've no experience of clear blue OPKs but from reading this site they have a rep for continual flashing smileys and frustrating people. I use the sainsburys ones which are much cheaper but work for me in that I get a positive each month, usually somewhere between cd19-cd21. Unless you have a fairly short cycle 10dpo sounds like a really early starting point to test?

mrsmugoo Sun 22-May-16 09:17:49

I ovulate late in my cycle - day 20 or 21 of 28. In the end a private fertility doctor gave me cyclogest progesterone to help me conceive.

I agree with previous poster - if you are confident your temps are accurate then they are more reliable than a fertility monitor as you can miss your hormone surge with them if you only test every 24 hours.

Beanie1981 Sun 22-May-16 10:33:01

Thank you so much for your responses. It makes me feel so much saner! To top it off I am writing this from a China, as we moved over here for jobs last year. I had to buy ovulation tests from their version of EBay which in hindsight wasn't helpful! I'm just doing my own head in, obsessing about it and though the CB would give me a true answer. My chart is looking good but each month I worry if I've missed my window.
@mrsmagoo and @luckyinoctober thank you for the support and that's interesting about the hormones. Did you find it easy to get?

Julia2016 Sun 22-May-16 11:07:10

I've late ovulation also, Day 19 of 28/29. I'm on my first month of Clomid 150mg to see if that will help with a blood test on CD21 to check my progesterone levels. I'm also on high potency Vit B6 which helps progesterone.

I use the Clear Blue Ovulation kits, I get an empty circle for negative LH surge and a smiley face when the surge is detected, I mostly get two smileys over two days. I don't temp so there is a chance I may not be ovulating. Clomid is the first step I guess.

Beanie1981 Sun 22-May-16 12:01:00

Hi @Julia2016. I have been using CB and have been getting a flashing smiley face for 9days!!! Almost out of the 20 sticks (they are pricey here on China- £45 for 20 plus holder) so I've bought some cheap ones for next month. I just find it strange they haven't hit the permanent smiley for my peak yet. I have been quite stressed this month though so I wonder if it's lengthened my cycle.

mrsmugoo Sun 22-May-16 12:05:48

With OPKs you could test every day at 9am but have your surge at 3 in the afternoon (for example)

By the time you test the next day at 9am you've missed it by 18 hours so you can end up with the flashing smilies for days or a feint line on the strip ones.

I definitely recommend temping before you start any medication so you have a really good understanding of your cycle.

Beanie1981 Tue 24-May-16 03:53:48

Thanks @mrsmagoo I've now had a positive smiley OPK for 11days! It's so crazy! My temperature dropped this morning by 0.6degree Celsius so I'm wondering if something is going to happen (the suspense!). I'm due AF on Sunday so we shall see what is going on then. I'm beginning to wonder if stress has fluctuated my cycle. I'm using Kindara as my app. Would you say that's the best one?

mrsmugoo Tue 24-May-16 06:55:34

I've only ever used fertility friend - but they are only as good as the data you enter into them.

Beanie1981 Sun 12-Jun-16 04:37:15

Just in case anyone finds this thread and has similar issues; I had an early AF which was really heavy so back on the TTC this month, currently at the ovulation phase.
I've bought the basic dip stick OPKs this month and that's been a lot clearer to see when I've been ovulated. Been doing the BD every night for the four nights leading up to ovulation using Kindara and the OPKs as guide points so fingers crossed for this month.

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