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Twins with the help of Acupunture?

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RuthTutton Sat 21-May-16 23:03:08

Has anyone conceived twins through acupuncture without IVF?

Ilovewillow Sat 21-May-16 23:07:32

I did have acupuncture and other Chinese herbal treatments for fertility to no avail. I went on to have three rounds of IUI and then IVF where I was wonderfully lucky to end up with my beautiful daughter. Five years later I had FET and had my son. I was pregnant with twins both times but tragically lost one baby each time. Good luck if you are going to try acupuncture but please don't rule out other avenues.

livelifefortoday38 Sat 21-May-16 23:25:09

I'm sorry to hear you had such a challenging time, bless you! Thank you for your message, very helpful xx

MagpieCursedTea Sun 22-May-16 09:48:08

I'm currently around 7 weeks pregnant after having acupuncture. I wasn't ovulating at all (PCOS) and think that the treatments contributed to me ovulating and conceiving. I don't know if it's a singleton or multiple pregnancy as its early days and I haven't had a scan yet.

idontlikealdi Sun 22-May-16 14:54:05

How would acupuncture help you conceive twins, genuine question?

CaveMum Sun 22-May-16 15:20:01

Acupuncture will not have any effect on whether or not you conceive twins. Either the egg splits or it doesn't.

eurochick Sun 22-May-16 21:31:37

The embryo only splits in cases on identical twins. For non identical you need two eggs to be fertilised by two sperm. But I am sceptical that acu can help with either.

livelifefortoday38 Sun 22-May-16 22:05:53

Thank you for your message and the best of luck with your pregnancy xxx

livelifefortoday38 Sun 22-May-16 22:09:22

I had heard of several people who'd had acupuncture to help them conceive and had become pregnant with twins but as others have rightly pointed out there is clearly no scientific reason. Thank you for your comments ladies xxx

waitingimpatient Sun 22-May-16 22:12:11

I've recently been having acupuncture for IVF. Benefits or not I can't cope with it anymore it's so painful I can't bring myself to go back

I'm convinced that whatever the benefits it's outweighed by the negative effects of stress die to anticipation of pain and actual pain

kavanaughkj Tue 24-May-16 10:24:43

waiting, something is wrong if your acupuncture sessions are causing you pain - I would switch to a different practitioner. The lady I go to doesn't hurt me at all - I can barely even feel the needles. If they're doing it right you shouldn't have any pain.

livelifefortoday38 Tue 24-May-16 13:15:30

I agree with Kavan, if the acupuncture is causing you pain then there is definitely something radically wrong! Try another therapist and stop where your going immediately. Bless you!

waitingimpatient Tue 24-May-16 17:08:23

I thought I was just being a wimp!

On my ankle it by a nerve I think as had the worst pain suddenly through my whole foot and when she moved the needle it got worse.
My wrist hurt and then swelled up and had a big bruise on it. It was just so painful and the ones on base of back were quite bad too

MagpieCursedTea Tue 24-May-16 18:54:34

That doesn't sound normal! My first session after I found out I was pregnant I found a couple of the points more painful but I told my acupuncturist and she just adjusted how she did it.
If I was you I'd be looking for a different person!

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