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Positive opk after a miscarriage

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jinglebellmel Thu 19-May-16 20:28:04

Hi, hoping someone a bit more knowledgable than me can help me figure this out! I had a medically managed miscarriage 9 days ago and have had strong positives on opks for the last 2 days. I know that they pick up hcg so presumed that this was just picking up left over hormones from the pregnancy. Today I had a very faint positive on a pregnancy test so looks as though my hormone levels are nearly back to normal, but the opk is still coming up with a strong positive. The pregnancy test is 10 miu and the opk 20 - so my question is this still just left over hormones when the pregnancy tests are getting lighter and the opks aren't?

DrMum83 Fri 20-May-16 20:38:24

Hi, I'm 3 weeks post medical management and still getting the faintest of faint lines on preg test... Not bleeding and no signs of infection but my opks have been positive for at least the last two weeks...!! I'm wondering if they're just picking up residual bhcg, but I've had fertile mucous on and off so god knows!
Be interested to hear from anyone who had this and it turned out they ovulated so soon after and got preggo... It's annoying me!
Sorry for your loss flowers its shit, isn't it?

Allium40 Fri 20-May-16 21:31:26

I MC on 3rd May, got an opk positive on days 10-13, a hcg negative on day 10, opk negative on day 14 then positive again on days 17-18. I don't think I've ovulated yet as my boobs normally get sore straight after ovulation. I think my hormones are still all over the place. I've only just stopped getting brown discharge (actually had a tiny bit today). So God knows what's going on! But I did read that the opks aren't very accurate in the first month after MC as you can get false positives. I had an ultra sensitive hcg test so was surprised that was negative if the opks are picking up leftover pg hormones. Confused!

Good luck everyone x

jinglebellmel Sat 21-May-16 08:08:34

Thanks Dr and Allium, sorry for you losses, it really is shit!

Well at least I'm not the only one confused! Logically I don't think it can be picking up hcg so strongly when a more sensitive pregnancy test is only getting a faint line. The only think I can think is that we are having an lh surge but aren't managing to O so it just keeps going, and going..... On the 4th day now. Maybe that's normally when your hormones are still a mess.

It's so frustrating, I'm a bit of a control freak and just want to know what my body is doing, guessing is driving me mad. We really don't want to miss a chance this month, but have a toddler and don't have the energy to keep dtd every other day indefinitely!

Allium40 Sat 21-May-16 13:16:21

I'm now on day 19 and have got another opk positive for the 3rd day in a row (as well as getting 4 days in a row last weekend). Sorry for tmi but am finally getting some normal discharge which isn't brown. We're dtd every other day but it is getting tedious. I'm just waiting now to wake up with sore boobs which will make me feel like things are normalising.

So you're getting strong positives on opk and faint on hcg? Any other symptoms?

jinglebellmel Sat 21-May-16 17:17:19

Yes tedious is the word, I'm knackered! I tend to get a heavy feeling in my lower stomach when I'm ovulating, and I did get that on the first day of positive opk. However that was less than 7 days after I passed the sac etc and I was still spotting, so it seems unlikely that I would have been ovulating then. Still getting faint positives on a pregnancy test so I guess I just need to wait.

Good that you are getting normal discharge now Allium, how many weeks were you when you miscarried if you don't mind me asking?

Allium40 Sat 21-May-16 19:05:43

I was 8 weeks - it's the toughest thing I've ever been through :-(

I'm lucky to have 2 kids already but I'm 40 and the clock is ticking.

From what I've read, most women ov 2-4 weeks into their first cycle after MC.

How many weeks were you?

DrMum83 Sat 21-May-16 20:48:09

My opk seems negative today. My preg test is neg although there is the tiniest of shadows, 'evap-like'. Think I'm just gonna dtd every other day or so until next period comes. It's so cruel that after suffering such a horrific thing like mc, you're then stuck in limbo for weeks on end.
I too was 8 weeks. It was horrible as we had already seen a heartbeat a couple of weeks before.
I know what you mean about being a control freak- hate waiting!
Good luck to you both!

jinglebellmel Sat 21-May-16 21:06:03

sad so sorry you're both going through it too. I was 11 weeks, but they just found an empty sac. Yep it is the hardest thing I've been through, and yes, so cruel to be in limbo now when it feels like the only thing that can make it better is to get back to where I feel I should be, pregnant, having my scan and leaving with a lovely picture. I'm lucky to have a 2 year old though and that does help.

Allium do you count day 1 as first day of bleeding or day of actual miscarriage I think?

Drmum that must have been a horrible shock, i always thought once you'd seen that heartbeat you were safe (I know different after all the googling I've done recently).

I hope you're both okay and have some good luck soon.

Allium40 Sun 22-May-16 07:48:48

Thanks Mel.

Mine was medically managed so both bleeding and miscarriage happened on the same day.

jinglebellmel Mon 23-May-16 09:01:33

Mine was medical too, although I had a small amount of bleeding before hand. Pregnancy test is just a shadow now, opk still a super strong positive confused nothing for it but to keep going every other day I guess! Hope you both get your successful pregnancies soon.

jinglebellmel Wed 25-May-16 12:52:12

How are you both getting on? Are you still getting positives? My pregnancy test is just showing the faintest shadow now but still getting very strong positives on the opk. So frustrating!

DrMum83 Wed 25-May-16 20:18:36

Hey jingle
I got a bfn a couple of days ago and my OPK became negative but then in the last day, I've had a positive opk again. I dunno what's going on, trying to dtd as much as possible. Not sure if it's a 'true' surge or not. Hoping for AF to reset everything so I know where I stand!
Any day now you'll get a bfn I reckon. It feels like such a piss take doesn't it?! Fx'd for a bfn for you, what tests are you using?

Allium40 Wed 25-May-16 22:14:54

I had opk +ve 4 days in a row then it faded Monday onwards. So maybe I ov'd but still don't have sore boobs. Where have my sore boobs gone! I always get them after ov. I reckon I'm around 3 dpo so will expect AF in around 10 days or so.

I've bought a BBT so going use that next month and cm instead of opk.

jinglebellmel Thu 26-May-16 10:39:00

Hey Drmum, fingers crossed this is a real surge for you this time. I'm using internet cheapies, still getting the faintest line I have to squint at but hoping it should be a negative in the next day or two, maybe then the opks will sort themselves out too! It really does seem like a piss take doesn't it?! One minute you're pregnant, the next you're not and not even in a position to get pregnant as your body has just gone crazy. It's normally so regular and predictable, I now have massive sympathy for people who have irregular cycles generally.

Sounds promising Allium, maybe your body thought it would give you a break and lay off the sore boobs this month! I think I will start temping next month too, at leat that way you can tell if you've definitely ov'd. Would be lovely if we all got lucky and dud t need to worry about next month though.

Allium40 Thu 26-May-16 12:16:31

Yes that would be ace!

Just wanted to say that the opks are only +ve if they are as dark as the test line. Anything else is a -ve. So looking back on mine I had 2 surges lasting a couple of days each.

I was doubled up in pain this morning and booked an emergency GP appt but it went after half an hour so I cancelled. Think I just still have some clots in there and expecting a heavy AF - just in time for my holiday, woohoo!

Allium40 Thu 26-May-16 12:18:22

Not sure about the hpts though

DrMum83 Thu 26-May-16 13:35:26

Oh no allium, dya think the witch is on the way? You never know, you're still not out.
Kinda hoping my period just comes now. At least I'll know where I am.
Hope you have a nice holiday - I'm sure it's really needed after the last few months of shit!

Sounds like you're close to that bfn jingle are you using the 10iu internet cheapies? Your levels must be really low as they're obv really sensitive.

Is it me or are the days dragging sooooo much?!!

Allium40 Thu 26-May-16 13:57:22

It felt like a huge clot was going to fall out there and then but nothing. In fact still creamy white cm.

I am secretly and unrealistically hoping that it was implantation but probably too intense for that plus feel like I perhaps haven't ov'd due to soft boobs. Come on the boobs!

What cd are you on DrMum and how many opk +ves since MC?

DrMum83 Thu 26-May-16 14:09:37

C'mon Allium's boobs!! You never know, your body might just be uber sensitive and you're feeling implantation more... Fx'd!!

My first bfn was last Saturday so if that's cd1, I'm day 6. But... I had a strong opk yesterday and Tuesday and they were positive whilst still getting bfps most days... I'm so confused!!

Allium40 Thu 26-May-16 14:38:52

That's interesting, so you take that as cd1?

I only did 1 hpt 10 days after MC which was neg but I also got a pos opk that day.

If that was cd1 then I am only on day 15 but ov'd on day 10 which is more in line with my usual cycle.

I do feel like AF is imminent as I have started getting palpitations just before and I have them today. Oh the joys of being female!

DrMum83 Thu 26-May-16 14:51:57

From my extensive googling, cd1 seems to be the day bhcg is 0 but I could be wrong...
I hope af stats away dude, keep us updated!!

Allium40 Thu 26-May-16 16:01:30

Thanks confused

jinglebellmel Thu 26-May-16 16:04:00

Sounds horrible Allium sad it really is one thing after another with a miscarriage isn't it? At least if it is AF then you will hopefully be on your way back to some normality, and able to figure out what is going on more next month. But could be implantation and everything is just super sensitive and magnified as Drmum says, fingers crossed anyway.

So far the opk's have been much darker than the control line, but today's was a fraction lighter than the control. So thinking either I've ov'd or my ovaries have just had enough and given up for the month.

Drmum, yes they are the 10iu so I'm guessing a barely there line on that means hcg must be pretty close to zero. Although if I take that as cd1 then I guess I won't be likely to ov for a while yet and I should just ignore all the positive opks so far. It's so confusing, and I'm so knackered from having sex!

DrMum83 Thu 26-May-16 19:41:46

I may not be right about when to count cd1... I don't think there is a right answer. It's shit
Can I ask if you guys think this is a pos OPK?

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