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TTC Child #1

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SashaCK Thu 19-May-16 16:40:53

Hi ladies,

My OH & I are now TTC our first. I am 2 weeks late for my AF, but the problem is, I'm not entirely sure what this means as last month I was randomly late for the first time in my life too (but not pregnant.) Infact, I completely skipped a period and didn't get anything til the following one was due!! I took a test @ two weeks late last time which was of course negative (AF arrived 2 weeks later) and one the other day, also negative.
However, unlike last month, I'm super tired, my breasts have been tender for days, and I just feel generally 'funny' with a sore throat (not sure that's relevant, but hey). My AF was supposed to arrive over 2 weeks ago...

Anyone else has had these symptoms with negative HPT, and then it turned out you were pregnant?. Also, any tips for tracking ovu when cycle is irregular would be good too smile

Thanks x x

Lauralau10 Thu 26-May-16 14:17:12

Hi Sasha

I'm trying TTC #1 too, and I've also starting missing periods ever since I started ttc, it's so weird/annoying/infuriating!
Unfortunately I have now missed 4 in a row (has never happened before but unfortunately I have mild PCOS). I'm still having signs of ovulating (I just track with CM and cervix position. gross but necessary!) around the right times but just no period... My doctor thinks the eggs just aren't releasing! I'm hoping that at some point it will and i'll get my bfp. My doctor said to just keep trying around the time until it's been 6 months and I can maybe get some help.

I think your symptoms sound really promising - some people don't get positives for a really long time on HPTs, sometimes just with low HCG for some reason.

Keep testing every 48hrs if you wish but I'd maybe go to the doctors and see if they can give you a blood test so you know once and for all what happening!

Best of luck to you xxx

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