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positive signs??! has anyone had this?

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opalescent Wed 18-May-16 20:05:34

Hey all, I think I'm 3 or more likely 4 dpo- o good amount of timely dtd this month.
I've been getting mild cramps today, and at one point had a serious shooting pain right up through my v into my womb area- this evening I have got pink tinged cm- only noticeable on tissue paper. None of this is typical of my cycle. Dare I get a tiny bit excited?!confused

broodypsycho Wed 18-May-16 21:31:44

It could mean anything im afraid. Try not to symptom spot and take your mind off it til af is due and then test.good luck x

opalescent Wed 18-May-16 23:30:46

Thank you for replying smile I will try my hardest not to obsess.

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