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Clearblue - How many attempts before you succeeded?...

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ponchikon Wed 18-May-16 16:10:13

Hi ladies - ttc and now I've got this dual-hormone test I've heard miracles about. First month - no luck. 4 days of flashing smiley before a static one appeared, dtd once in two days during the flashing smiley period and then for two days in a row during the static smiley....
And got my period after two weeks.
Very anxious, as heard from a couple of gf's who managed to conceive during the first month with this test.
Do you mind sharing your experience? Mainly interested in
1. success stories, when the first month you did not succeed, but then you did!
2. experiences regarding the intercourse schedule during all the flashing/static smiley days.

Just need a pick me up, really. We have one baby already, and I regard him as a miracle, as it took us a year of unprotected sex to get there, and DH got low quality sperm (tested privately). Scared we'd have to go through fertility treatments, and that I am 39 already...

Thank you!

physicskate Wed 18-May-16 16:56:55

Bear in mind: each month there is roughly a statistical 20-25% chance of getting pregnant.

Some studies suggest women's age plays a factor in decreasing that figure, some studies do not show that (before the age of 40 anyway...).

I don't use that monitor, but I have heard the tracking improves as the machine 'gets to know you.'

Good luck!

Hopelass Wed 18-May-16 17:00:11

First month didn't work.
Second month dtd 4 times: twice on flashing days, once on static day and once day after static day. Currently 17 weeks pg smile good luck!

Whatsername17 Wed 18-May-16 18:24:34

I'm on my second month but the first month I never got a peak/static. This month I got a peak/static but no high! Due to test in a few days but not holding out any hope as I don't have any symptoms.

ponchikon Wed 18-May-16 20:02:29

@Hopeless, wow you give me hope! Thanks a lot!

@Whatsername17, fingers crossed for you! If not now, then next month!

@physicskate - thanks smile

Whatsername17 Thu 19-May-16 05:58:24

I got my bfp today. I'm going to say the CB opks are worth it!

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