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Confused and not sure when to test

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Rememberallball Wed 18-May-16 08:13:30

So, DH and I have been ttc for 20 months now. All tests show he's fine but problems are my side of the equation (age 44, low AMH, normal other bloods, appear to be ovulating, normal tubes from HyCoSy) and was advised best chance round be donor IVF.

DH and I decided we'll try naturally for a few more months before going down IVF route. Have stepped away from opk's, bbt and tracking my cycle. I know my last af was just before bank holiday weekend (so end of April); when I have tracked ov etc it has shown ov around cd 8-10. My cycle is anywhere from 26-30 days.

Last Thursday we were out at a spa for the day and I noticed some brown discharge similar to what I get at beginning of af but, mentally calculating, was only around cd16/17. Was sufficient to need to wear a pad Thursday but tailed off to almost nothing on Friday and completely nothing Saturday. No other symptoms of impending af and now nearly 5 days later still nothing.

This got my brain going into overdrive wondering if this could, by any outside chance, be implantation bleeding. I don't usually get any mid cycle bleeding so definitely out of the norm.

My question is when should I start poas? I have a drawer full of cheapy internet bought pink line tests with 10iu/ml sensitivity but am willing to go and get some Superdrug early results ones too!!

Sorry for length of post but thought all details are relevant.

Junosmum Wed 18-May-16 09:08:45

I had implantation bleeding on the Thursday and got a positive test on a clear blue digital on the Monday. So based on that I would say you can test now. Good luck.

Majorlyscared1993 Wed 18-May-16 09:13:09

I wish I could offer some advice but I don't actually know much about cycles and such sad just wanted to wish you luck! Xflowers

babydances Wed 18-May-16 09:24:02

I would say u could test today but maybe wait until the weekend? When's your period due?

Rememberallball Wed 18-May-16 09:41:11

Not really sure, Babydances, if af started on the Thursday before May bank holiday (27 April) I'd be cd21 today so next af is due in 4-7 days time going on a 25-28 day cycle.

Whatevernext001 Wed 18-May-16 09:49:40

I would honestly wait until your period would roughly be due to make sure. You can test early and get a result but it could show a false negative due to not enough hcg in your urine. Either way good luck and hope you get the result you want xx

babydances Wed 18-May-16 10:06:14

I'd give it a week thenbid you can hold out that long. flowers

Rememberallball Wed 18-May-16 10:25:18

Thanks ladies xx

Rememberallball Thu 19-May-16 06:22:45

Strange things happening here yesterday. Went to see mum in hospital early morning to catch ward round so missed proper breakfast. Had toast on my return home around lunchtime and felt fine. About 1.5 hours later I had an episode of feeling shaky and light headed; wolfed down a cheese sandwich; pot of fruit and couple of biscuits. Been fine ever since! Never usually eat that much in a short space of time or have shaky episodes

kirinm Thu 19-May-16 12:10:18


Jodie1982 Thu 19-May-16 13:21:35

Yep test!

Rememberallball Thu 19-May-16 16:03:00

Will test in the morning

Jodie1982 Fri 20-May-16 14:31:56

Have u tested?

Rememberallball Sun 22-May-16 19:56:47

Sorry. Been away for the weekend at friends wedding. Yes I tested and negative but reckon I might be out on my dates and that I'm around cd 24/25 today not later. Certainly no signs af is on it's way either!!

Rememberallball Fri 27-May-16 17:42:35

Still bfn on hpt. No sign that af is on her way either!!

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