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6 or 8 week scan?

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frobskottle Tue 17-May-16 21:42:05

I had a partial molar pregnancy in January. When I had it I had a letter through from Charingcross where I was referred letting me know that I could have a 6 week scan when I get pregnant next.
I have now finished doing follow up bloods etc and had a new letter saying I could have an 8-10 week reassurance scan.
Im not pregnant yet (7dpo) but wonder what I should do when I get pregnant, should I opt for a 6 week or later scan?
Have any of you had early scans... us 6 weeks too early to bother with?

TheKingSits Tue 17-May-16 21:51:23

I had a private 6 week scan (not internal) and it picked up a heartbeat which was amazing. There wasn't loads to see but we could see a little dot and hear the heartbeat. I've forgotten the intricate details now although I could have given you chapter and verse at the time of what was the sack/yolk and pole. Some scans won't show these so it might be a bit of a worry. I can totally understand why people wouldn't put themselves through that. We were prepared for the possibility we wouldn't see much but thankfully it was better than we expected.

We had an NHS internal scan at 7+3 and that was better, the dot looked like a little snowman.

We had a private scan at 10 weeks and that was amazing - the snowman had become a baby! It was very clearly a small human by that stage with little stumpy arms and legs.

If you can bear to wait until 8-10 weeks you are likely to get better, more definitive results. We were too impatient! Good luck to you flowers

frobskottle Wed 18-May-16 09:24:38

Thank you so much. I think you just confirmed what I was thinking. Maybe will try to go in for an 8ish week one if I get a choice.

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