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No period but BFN

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LadyAntonella Mon 16-May-16 15:02:20

I know these "am I pregnant?" type questions really can't be answered by posting on MN, but here goes.

So DH and I only dtd twice last cycle at a time when I thought I wasn't ovulating etc, and then we decided to stop TTC (my decision really - got cold feet) and started using contraception. Anyway, my period was due yesterday and there's no sign of it yet (except mild cramps but I had those when I was about 4 weeks pregnant with my DD).

I did two First Response tests today and they are both negative. I have a couple of other "symptoms" like lower back pain and tiredness but they could easily be nothing as well.

I know I need to just wait a week and test again really but I guess what I want to know is, has anyone had a false negative with First Response? I thought that would be unlikely as my period is already late and they are meant to be accurate even before period is due?

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