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What can shorten follicular phase?

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BestBeastie Fri 13-May-16 10:35:34

I am about to have blood tests - though probably not until July because I'm not going to be in the country of Day 3 of any of my 2 next cycles, but it's driving me nuts so reaching to Mumsnetters for help.

In the past 2 months I've had significantly shorter periods. I've always been bang on at 27/8 days. But last month it was 21 and this month (seems to have arrived today) it was 24. I have been POAS to assess ovulation and luteal phase doesn't seem to have changed. I have ov'd earlier, but have a 14 day luteal phase on both cycles.

Dr Google is killing me on the peri-menopause (apparently the shortening of follicular phase is a typical symptom, and I am 38 this year so it's certainly not impossible). I would really appreciate any insights from anyone to stop me going loopy.

So in the past 2 months (before period) I have:

Weird Cycle Month 1:
Antibiotics for tooth infection
Taken Evening Primrose oil (I ditched this for the next month, thinking it must have been that)
Been a bit too liberal on the alcohol before OV
Carried on light exercise (30 mins jog most mornings)

Weird Cycle 2
Moved house
Drunk lots of caffeine (I know)
No alcohol.
Carried on light exercise (30 mins jog most mornings)

I am also feeling outrageously tired.

We are now only on month 5 of trying but, with the weirdness, I'm starting to feel that no. 2 is just not going to happen for us.

BestBeastie Fri 13-May-16 12:29:01

Shameless bump to find someone to hand hold/help me out.

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