Soy Isoflavones - any tried this?

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mbail98 Thu 12-May-16 13:29:18

hey everyone.
we've been trying for 10 months with no success on the ' sort of relaxed' plan. been using O sticks for 2 months without success. Going to try temping this month. After next cycle, we're not going to try again until Sept else babba with be born too close to first babba's birthday (but then I think what the ek! lol) , so I'm going to monitor and plan date of attack smile lol

I've read about Soy Isoflavones. anyone tried this? anyone used it to pin point your O day? I don't know if I'm missing mine or if I'm not having a viable one (I have a regular cycle) I've been testing between cd9 and cd16 (25-27 day cycle)
Do you O a few days after you've finished the 5 day coarse or do you have your normal O day as you would without them?

So many questions this getting preggers lark.

anyone, be great to chat. take care x

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