Advanced search I the only one feel like a loon waiting for AF after coil removed?

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Mummyandwife85 Wed 11-May-16 12:51:53

Hi pretty new to this so pks bare with me lol x so have my coil for over 3yrs .. And it basically made a bid for freedom on 27th March this year.. Cue utter pain n fear as I felt the strings on the outside of my body but it was stuck inside the opening of my cervix.. Two days later it was removed by the dr all good.. No bleed till two days later but only slightly.. So since then had nothing.. Been to doctors think she thought I was crazy cos I said I just want to have my AF so I can know it's all OK n hopefully TTC with luck I'm testing weekly n obviously always BFN'S I feel I'm going crazy .. Just want to know I'm not alone tbh cos I certainly feel it last few weeks confused

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