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So upset

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Ghostonthedancefloor Mon 09-May-16 22:20:28

Have posted on another board about other issues but..

We have been ttc since December.

Today I found out my tax credits have been cut so much we can no longer afford to send ds to nursery while I work. What we are going to do about that situation is a whole other thread (literally).

There is no way we can have another when we can't even afford the childcare fees, so we are having to stop as of now. I am so so gutted.

And also, lo and behold, my friend who I was so so looking forward to going through it together announced she is expecting dc2 today. We text and speak several times a day so now to manage the updates and excitement when I was hoping to do it together. I am of course chuffed for her, just you know how it is. Ffs sad

newbie6 Mon 09-May-16 22:37:57

Totally understand and you've every right to feel gutted BUT your time WILL come, just not at the moment. I hope you can get your childcare sorted and then get back on track with TTC no 2. Good on you for being sensible as just shows what a lovely mummy you are, wishing you lots of luck xx

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