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Purple fading line on first response

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janenoble Mon 09-May-16 13:48:25

Hi everyone, I'm 12-13 dpo, today I done a pregnancy test and had no positive, despite some tugging sensations in my stomach and extremely light bleeding of dark and pink watery blood, literally gone in one wipe and it's barely anything. The test itself is a funny shade of plum, which gets weaker towards the bottom. Any ideas?

SunnyDays1987 Mon 09-May-16 13:54:26

Have you got a photo?

janenoble Mon 09-May-16 14:00:58

Yes, here are a fee

AmyC86 Mon 09-May-16 14:05:53

Definitely negative, sorry hun xx

SnuffleGruntSnorter Mon 09-May-16 14:10:07

That's what a normal control line looks like. Hope you get your BFP soon

Outmyself Mon 09-May-16 14:15:35

I can see a line. I took a first response at 8dpo and there was a shadow of a line. No one else could see it. The next day it was slightly darker still everyone said negative. It got darker and darker I was pregnant. I'll try and find pics again and post for comparison.

janenoble Mon 09-May-16 14:23:24

Which picture did you see the line in hon? Yeah, I know it's very much negative. I'm glad it's a normal line tho x thanks ladies

Outmyself Mon 09-May-16 14:36:28

These are my faintest of faint positives

janenoble Mon 09-May-16 14:58:01

Those are amazing, how far are you now? Sadly I don't feel like I do have a very faint positive in mine.

Iggi999 Mon 09-May-16 15:06:35

Still quite early for testing though, you can do another test in a day or two.
When I was testing I saw lines so faint I had to hold them up under a light to see them!

janenoble Mon 09-May-16 15:19:48

Well. I have no money now until next tuesday lol!! so i wont be able to test until then, which is probably a good thing. AF is due for me anywhere between wednesday and thursday, and should finish on sunday. Fingers are crossed she doesn't arrive. If she does then i'm seriously confused with my body!!

Then there's this picture. There seems to be a thin line, and up the top of the box some pinkish coloration. EXTREMELY faint though. This was taken within the first five minutes of the test.

Outmyself Mon 09-May-16 15:43:06

She's 10 months old. Keep us updated. Fingers crossed for you

janenoble Mon 09-May-16 15:55:08

Oh my gosh that's amazing, I'm so happy for you, I truly hope this is my time, but it will be when it is meant to be. the left side of my abdomen is aching like crazy today, so is my lower back. I stopped taking my pill because I was getting these symptoms And I got scared it would hurt the babies development. The date was 25th when I stopped, but I only started taking the pill again after a month break from it, a week or a few days before my period started, so at the last week of my last cycle. I'm thinking the pill is out of my system now, but I'm still getting pretty major symptoms. If I don't have my period (which I don honestly think I will) I will be heading to the doctors lol

janenoble Mon 09-May-16 17:26:07

@iggy, I'm hoping that your right, my fingers are crossed for more positive signs in the coming days. I've tried holding mine up to the light lol, but I only got something with the last test I done doing that, I think it was an evap line, here's a pic

janenoble Mon 09-May-16 17:30:15


Iggi999 Mon 09-May-16 17:37:49

I'm confused at why you are on the pill when you sound so happy to be pg!

janenoble Mon 09-May-16 18:29:28

I've been on the pill since I was 13 I'm now 25, I only came off the pill because I was taken from my fathers house by armed police and couldn't get my medication, this was three months ago. I've been dating a guy 'in secret' online for three years and I finally had the chance to meet him on the 14th of April until the 19th. I started takin the pill three days before he came here because I realised I'd have my period during his visit (and thought I'd be protected) so this whole baby would be quite a surprise but it means everything to me because for the longest time I thought I'd never be able to have children and it broke my heart. I am fine with the result either way, but it would truly make me very happy. We are due to marry in the summer x

SunnyDays1987 Mon 09-May-16 18:34:56

That looks like a perfectly normal BFN to me. Sorry. Hope you get the answer you want soon.

SunnyDays1987 Mon 09-May-16 18:38:10

I've just read your above message. If you were definitely due your period at the time you had sex it is very very unlikely you are pregnant. You don't ovulate until (on average) 14 days after the start of your period.

Osirus Mon 09-May-16 18:52:17

Definitely negative, going by those tests. You are extremely unlikely to have strong symptoms so early. I had the same strong symptoms the first month we TTC and nothing happened. Actual pregnancy symptoms I found were less obvious than PMT symptoms.

Iggi999 Mon 09-May-16 19:27:50

Good lord OP you should start a whole other thread about that! Good luck. You do have lots and lots of time to have your babies though, try to relax and enjoy your relationship which will hopefully be a bit less long distance now.

janenoble Mon 09-May-16 20:07:35

Really it's fine. I don't mind having a BFN like i said, things will happen when they're supposed to. I'm a strong believer in that. As for the dates, i've read that ovulation can take place between the 12-17th day of your cycle, counting from the first day of your period. It's more than possible for sperm to live within a woman for up to 5-7 days, and i know my cycles had come back to normal because the pill free month i had before, i ovulated just fine. Sticky mucus, the lot.
My partner went home on the 19th (im assuming my period was between this time, however i cannot honestly remember.) so i'm being cautious regardless. I have a 3 days bleeding period,
So say i was due the 14th, i would then ovulate between 25-30th April. Boris went home on the 19th (we had unprotected sex every day he was here) -the pill wouldn't have covered me during this period because i hadn't taken it correctly, from the start of the bleeding period as they say. So i assume i would have needed extra protection for those seven first days (some people say a month) Looking at my diary now, i stopped taking the pill on the 28th (pill 17 there was 4 left)
So that means i started the pill on 11th of April, and wouldn't have been covered until the 17th, possibly 18th.
Whether or not the pill then kicked in and stopped my ovulation i do not know.
Nevertheless i've never had PMS or feelings like this before, not that i'm saying it's not PMS, because it very well might be lol!
I'd just rather take extra cautious measures and make sure i am or not pregnant, before taking any further medication, and then if i aint pregnant i can find out what is going on with my body, and possibly find a way of easing the symptoms i am experiencing right now, because some of them are uncomfortable.

Iggi999 Mon 09-May-16 22:05:40

Why not give your relationship a chance to grow, without the complication of ttc? It is very unusual to try to get pg by a man the first times you sleep with him.

janenoble Mon 09-May-16 22:25:38

I didn't try to get pregnant by him. I thought i was protected :/ and this man, has stuck by me through a lot. keeping a relationship going online for three years is a lot harder than people think.
Either way. I'm going to stop posting on this site now, because now i'm just getting upset.
We are not actively trying to conceive, and yes i know the lack of condom makes me look bad.

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