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The one week wales has sun.

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janenoble Sun 08-May-16 21:19:00

If you know wales, then you know that we experience rather a lot of rain! This week however, something has gone wrong. Wales is broken! We have 20 degree weather, and i cannot stick it! My man (who's from Bulgaria) says to me, you moan when it's cold, you moan when it's hot, but even though i moan, it's nice to be able to plod along, and i will thoroughly enjoy seeing some rain.
Is a happy medium so much to ask for? Apparently, i'm just being hormonal, and i'm sure all you ladies know, when your mr calls you hormonal lol, even when you are in-fact being hormonal, he's got a death wish! So, half made bedding in hand, got whoooshed in his face -because you have to do this to make sure the corners are right.... right?- It totally wasn't accidentally on purpose.
Now though, i'm enjoying a fan, which my mother has so kindly given me out of worry because i was turning purple lol. My body heat seems to be incredible at the moment. Most of my symptoms have eased off. I don't get much nausea anymore, but i do get it at 7am in the morning, when my stomach also decides it's hungry.
My Nipples are tender to the touch, but apart from that my breasts aren't to painful. I've had a lot of cramping, and a weird tugging sensation from inside, to the left and the right of my navel, no idea what that is. I am around 12-13DPO.
I've also noticed the strangest bleeding once or twice. It's very watery, pinkish red, tiniest amount of mucus mixed in which is clear and stretchy, and it's literally just a gush, then it turns to the lightest flow brown blood it's not even worth putting any protection in my panties. I've had this twice. AF is due around about friday 13th.... yay me. Each time i've had this blood i've physically done to much, so i'm trying to be very careful now.
For all you cervix checkers (if you're not, look away now)
My cervix was low and firm yesterday, very firm, with a white creamy dull mucus, it has a funny texture, not much of it, but it's an odd sort of wateryness. Today now, my cervix is not to high, not to low, a little softer than yesterday, still wet, but absolutely no mucus what so ever. No idea what that's about!! kinda weird.
Either way i'm holding in there, I still have hope.
How are all you wonderful ladies doing?
I hope the weather is as nice for you as it is for me.
Tinkerbelle is having a complex, she thinks she's stuck.... It's quite funny. I've even left the room an come back. She's still standing there... stuck. lol

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