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njlamuto Sun 08-May-16 17:10:10

Hello.I need your opinions!
First- I'm very happy mum of two beautiful girls!I'm really blessed!
Second-I want to appologize for my english!
5 weeks ago I've got faint positive pregnancy test on the due date of AF.I went to the pharmacy and bough First response-again faint line.Later that day I started bleeding and was lighter than my usual period.Few days I've got faint positives and then BFN.So,Chimical pregnancy.
I was looking for my period after CP and ... on the 34th day-voila,I've got my period.On the 3rd day of my period my breasts started to hurt a lot.I never have breast pains with my periods,just with my pregnancies.
So,I have period like bleeding but with this breast pain I decided to poas-BFN with First Response.After 1 hour I went to the bathroom to trew away the test and saw faint pink,second line and realy pink edges?!
We dont TTC,but we use the pull out method,so if it happen , will be great.I have Policystic ovaries and was very difficult to fall pregnant with both of my daughters ...
So,I'm wondering ... Is it possible to be evap line but still pink?Is it possible to be pregnant again but have a bleeding as well?
After the CP I've got few negative test to confirm that my levels went down-adviced by my JP.
I know that is better to go to my doctor , but in this situation he can't help.He will not send me for a blood test or scan.I'm waiting eather - strong positive or strong negative.
I have no idea what's going on,if you have any idea or similar situation,please share with me!
Thank you in advance!
Great day,sweet girls!

physicskate Sun 08-May-16 17:46:58

I would not trust a test outside the recommended waiting times (generally up to 10 minutes). You could try another test, but I would not trust going back to that test.

njlamuto Sun 08-May-16 18:04:57

physicskate,thanks for your respond!I'll retest in 3-4 days time.Probably my body is going mad after CP ...

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