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'symptoms' of a normal cycle?

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Willberry Sat 07-May-16 11:27:25


I stopped taking the pill on 16th April and being inpatient we decided to TTC straight away rather than wait for my first natural AF. On 4th May I had some cramping and spotting with what I think was EWCM. Read into it and decided it must be ovulation bleeding seemed about the right timing. Since I've been running to the loo every 2 mins and feeling slightly nauseous, put this down to possible UTI though no burning or stinging. Yesterday my nipples were painful, though seem ok now. Woke in the early hours feeling sick and feel sick again now. I know its way too early to be getting pregnancy symptoms if it was ovulation bleeding on 4th, wondering if I've forgotton what a normal pill free cycle feels like?

Reading stuff online I realise that I may have ovulated earlier in the cycle and so the spotting on 4th could be something else, the only other thing that seems to fit is implantation bleeding, though this seems unlikely to me as first time of properly DTD this cycle was 1st May we did start DTD on 27th April but didn't finish due to DH being in pain from an injury so I hadn't counted that, though I know it is possible to fall pregnant this way but thought it pretty unlikely.

Prior to going on the pill I had 35 day cycles so had decided to wait to see if AF showed up on 22nd May, which seems like an age away!

Willberry Sat 07-May-16 19:12:38

Nearly threw up in the supermarket today at the sight of raw meat, and waves of nausea are getting stronger, still feel like its way too early but gave in and bought a test just have no idea when to do it at the moment!

LidikaLikes Sat 07-May-16 20:47:34

You finished pill on 16 April. Did you finish at end of the pack or mid-pack? Have you had any bleeding since then?

I know that I get 'symptoms' the same as you describe around ovulation time (when I've the most cervical fluid) and same symptoms around period time.

If you're TTC then it's easy to feel every twinge as a sign of pregnancy, I know that's how it is for me!

I'd hold off another week and then test.

Make sure you're taking folic acid every day if you're TTC.

Willberry Sat 07-May-16 21:00:47

Hi Lidikalikes,

Thanks, I finished mid pack and had a withdrawal bleed a few days later. Been taking folic acid since Feb in preparation for TTC this month. I'm amazed that now I'm watching my body so closely how much stuff I notice and think, does my body do this every month or is it different! I was doing quite well at finding other explanations for 'symptoms' its these waves of nausea that have me wondering. Its not unusual for me to feel a little queasy in the morning before breakfast, but nothing like what I'm feeling now, could be a tummy bug but dont feel unwell and bowels are ok.

Will hold off a bit longer with the testing and see what happens, so far the nausea seems to be gradually getting worse each day.

Willberry Sun 08-May-16 08:49:24

Been doing a lot of reading online and been suprised to learn how many women get nausea arround the time of ovulation! Never realised it was a sign and never noticed it before, maybe its because I'm paying closer attention to my body, maybe its because I'm getting older. Apparently it shows a sensitivity to the change in hormone levels. Anyway feel better now I know I'm still where I thought I was in the cycle entering 2ww now smile

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