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Coggy's Catch Up........

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coggy Fri 12-Jan-07 19:38:31

It seems FOREVER ago that I was properly on MN and obssessively ttc!
Only 2 1/2 months ago but alot has happened in that time I expect (no.....sadly no bfp from me yet!!!)
I guess that Debbsy has had her Bibsy and maybe Peachy too......BooBoo next month.....lots of other BFPs??????
Natty, MrsMc and Trace have kept me with some of the news on here.

Here's a quick catch-up with me and what is happening.....
I am CD25 of a usual 26/27 day cycle with all the classic AF signs.....cramps, tiredness, wind etc. etc. (It's nice to be back!! )
I am starting IUI this next cycle so I am only a couple of days away from that and VERY excited and VERY nervous about jabbing myself too!
I figured as well as catching up with my old ttc buddies I could also moan and groan merrily away about it all on this thread and (hopefully) get a little bit of (much needed) sympathy at the same time!!!

I am SUCH a wimp really!!!!
Roll on CD1......

ammylovesbabies Fri 12-Jan-07 19:51:56

Hi Coggy, I'm a newbie but have seen you and heard of you on mumsnet quite a bit!!

Good luck with the IUI! Hope it all works out well for you xxxxxxxxxx

coggy Fri 12-Jan-07 19:59:47

Thanks Ammy....

Artoo Sat 13-Jan-07 10:08:14

Hey coggy, lovely to hear from you again!

So you're doing IUI with injectibles this cycle? Is it Menopur you're using?

I'm currently in my first IVF cycle, and have been injecting Menopur for just over one week. Egg collection is Tuesday - I'm both scared and excited. I was injecting Buserelin for a couple of weeks before that as well.

If this is your first time injecting, trust me that it's painless. It's a teeny tiny needle, and you won't feel it at all. It took me a little while to get over the mental barrier of sticking a needle into myself the first time, but it's been a doddle since then. And I'm the biggest wimp going - I passed out the last time I had a blood test!


Ready Sat 13-Jan-07 14:24:01

Coggy!!! It's good to have you back. I know I wasn't on long before you had your break, but always felt you to be friendly and helpful! And I certainly missed your presence on here (Ok, does that sound too weird??? - apologies if it does!)

All the best with the IUI, a good friend of mine (in RL) gave birth a couple of months ago after a succesful IUI... Fingers crossed for you. You really deserve it!!

Anyway, don't want to sound too much like a weirdo - good to see you are feeling up beat.


coggy Sat 13-Jan-07 15:50:57

Thanks Ready......I haven't been scared off by your weirdo alert...don't's nice!!!
Also really encouraging to hear about your friend as's hoping!

Hi Artoo.....good to hear from you too...Natty has kept me abit up-to-date with you and said that you had started the IVF treatment. I'm glad that the injections aren't too bad...even for us 'jab wimps'!!!
I shall be thinking and praying for you on Tuesday that's for sure.

I have to take Suprecur (which is aka Buserelin) from CD2 - 9(ish) to get rid of my natural hormones, then Puregon on the same days to put back in the hormones that the Suprecur has just got rid of!!
Scan on CD9........hcg jab to release the egg(s), then insemination around CD11.
The bit I am really pleased about tho is the extra hcg jab a week after to maintain the womb's lining. It tricks the body into thinking it's pg and so my luteal phase will get significantly longer (that's the plan anyway!!)

Here's hoping I can remember what to do.....I had to go and look that lot up again!!!

ammylovesbabies Sat 13-Jan-07 15:52:07

How is IUI different to IVF? xxx daft

coggy Sat 13-Jan-07 16:08:20

Well Ammy....I will not win any medical awards with this explanation but here goes....

IUI = squirting sperm up
IVF = egg collecting and fertilising outside body and then implanting back in.

If only it were that simple eh?
But I guess that's the simplist difference.
HTH (kindof!!!)

ammylovesbabies Sat 13-Jan-07 16:09:01

I should imagine IUI has a greater chance of working?

coggy Sat 13-Jan-07 16:11:00

This explains it all slightly better than I just did!!

Click on the animated guides for IUI and IVF.....helped me to understand the main differences.

coggy Sat 13-Jan-07 16:13:24

I'm not really sure of the statistics...some people say it greatly varies from clinic to clinic.....I don't know...I vaguely remember 25% chance being quoted but I think that was for all 4 cycles of IUI not per cycle?

I am lucky enough to get 4 IUIs on the NHS and then a couple of IVF attempts if necessary.

ammylovesbabies Sat 13-Jan-07 16:13:34

GIFT sounds pretty good doesnt it?

I dont want to sound rude or ignorant but how come you are having IUI? xxx

ammylovesbabies Sat 13-Jan-07 16:14:25

Wow! where do you live Coggy? thats a good quota isnt it?

coggy Sat 13-Jan-07 16:22:15

Oh may wish you hadn't asked!!!

Here goes.....

Took 4 1/2 years ttc with what was classed as unexplained infertility, ie no test results showed either of us had any fertility problems (although now I know I have a short luteal phase - from OV to AF...only about 8 days and should be at least 10 days) and so I was given 3 months worth of fertility drug Clomid.
Fell pg after taking a month off the drug but my ds was stillborn because he had a knot in his cord which tightened when he 'dropped down' to be born.
So we've been ttc again now for another 19 months and, again, had several months worth of clomid but with no bfp this time sadly.
Next step.....IUI. you weren't expecting my life history were you!!!

I am VERY lucky to have these options on the NHS especially as I suppose I shouldn't really be eligible as I have carried a very healthy baby to full term.
I wish I didn't have to have treatment but I know that I am very fortunate that I can.

Artoo Sat 13-Jan-07 16:42:31

I believe IUI has less chance of success per attempt than IVF (I think it's about 10% for IUI versus about 20-25% for IVF, but IUI is much much much less intrusive. So unless you've got a good reason to go straight for IVF (blocked tubes or very low sperm count) it's better to do some IUIs before moving on to IVF.

IUI can be done with or without injected stimulants to induce multiple eggs in the woman. There's probably a better chance of success with multiple eggs, like coggy is doing.

I'm having ICSI, due to DH's sperm being malformed and lazy.


ammylovesbabies Sat 13-Jan-07 17:28:51

Oh Coggy, I am so sorry to hear about your son. We have a hospice where i work (in a hospital) and one of the drs there, exactly the same thing happened to her. It is just awfully sad.

I will hope and pray everything works out for you! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Debbsyandson Sat 13-Jan-07 17:50:03

coggy i will give you all the support i can i wish you the very best of luck and hope it isnt long till you get your bfp xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

ammylovesbabies Sat 13-Jan-07 17:56:40

I'm gonna be watching this thread like mad!!

peachygirl Sat 13-Jan-07 18:01:22

hey Coggy welcome back!! I've missed our sunday planning times!
I've not popped yet, feb 19th is due date so it's looming rapidly.
Fingers crossed for the IUI and hope to chat soon

trace2 Sat 13-Jan-07 18:04:37

hi coggy so glad your back, i really hope this works out for you we have missed you

Debbsyandson Sat 13-Jan-07 18:10:17

peachy and trace i keep lurking on your thread to see how you are both doing xx

coggy Sat 13-Jan-07 18:10:22's lovely to have been missed!
I have missed being on here but it has done me a lot of good. exciting...for some reason I thought that you were due in January?? Still not long to go though...are you prepared?
Have you started maternity leave yet?
Hopecat/Booboo said that she was feeling huge!

My fingers are now drumming for AF to get on and arrive....due tomorrow so jabs will begin CD2.
Bizzarely I am looking forward to it.....

trace2 Sat 13-Jan-07 18:18:09

hi debbsy have you posted a pick yet? ive been waiting to see him

trace2 Sat 13-Jan-07 18:18:43

coggy you know youve been missed lol

Debbsyandson Sat 13-Jan-07 21:26:28

yeah trace on members profiles

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