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AnnemareLass123 Tue 03-May-16 13:59:21

Hi everyone

I am new to mumsnet I find it's a very useful website and perhaps need some advice from other mommies out there please smile

I recently found out that I have irregular periods and we are ttc # 3 at the moment so it's hard for me to keep track of when I ovulate ect so I will tell my story and perhaps someone can help me a little bit.

I hope it's not very confusing but I will try my best hehe. Aright so I was having spotting for two weeks (just like brown and sometimes pink / red) and stopped on the 8th April, since then I was having period kind of cramps with some lower back pains, eventually I started to think we might be pregnant so we took a test about two weeks ago but it came back negative, when I saw the sister last week about it she said I should perhaps wait till the 8th May to test again she thinks it might have been too early??

I do have the odd period cramp this week but not strong at all and my cervix is still high feels soft on the outside and kind of hard in the middle (if that makes sense) and my nipples have been sore for five days straight now but not the breast itself.

So I'm wondering to myself if it could just be my messed up hormones or wonder if we could perhaps be expecting a little person smile Any advice would be appreciated very much smile


LidikaLikes Tue 03-May-16 15:14:17

I think testing on 8th May is good idea.

Do you know when your last period was?

I usually make a note of my period in my diary, just so I don't forget.

You'd need around 12 days from ovulation to period for an embryo to implant.

So if your usual cycle is 28 days, you'd usually ovulate around day 12-14. Or thereabouts, we're all different.

The spotting & cramps sound positive smile but it could also be start of period.

How long you been TTC for?

We're also TTC number 3, just started this month. star

AnnemareLass123 Tue 03-May-16 15:52:23

Thank you so much for replying so quickly, it's really nice to know that we aren't being crazy for ttc #3 hahaha. Well we actually have been ttc for about a month or so just waiting to see if anything will happen cause we know if we are ttc too hard it won't happen so we are just going with the flow at this stage.

I was on birth control (Yaz) for a while and decided to leave it last year May/June so I'm still waiting for my periods to come right (I suppose) because it gave me so many side effects we decided to go off. I can't really remember when last I had a proper period it's been a bit on and off. But when I found out we were pregnant with my second boy I had a kind of period for about three months only after my friend bought me a test we found out I was already three months ahead hahaha, but because we got a negative two weeks ago we felt quite sad about it, we have been out of this game for ten years now haha (my youngest is 10 years old) so I'm hoping everything is still good down there, when I went for my papsmeer in Jan the doctor said everything is normal results came back perfect and she said I just have an irregular period and I was also not pregnant when I thought I was in January.

About a week ago I had this really sharp pain in my side there where your ovary sits but the next day it went away. And I have had no spotting ever since I finished the two week brown spotting.

How long have you been TTC # 3?? smile It was so nice to hear from someone smile

AnnemareLass123 Tue 03-May-16 15:54:24

Sorry I see you already said you only started this month to try and conceive smile How old are your other two kiddies smile I have two boys, one turning 12 this July and the other is 10 at the moment smile

LidikaLikes Tue 03-May-16 21:32:30

Annemare My son is 6, daughter is 3. I got pregnant with them both after 2 cycles, so I'm curious to see if it's as quick this time, although I'm in my 30s now (31).

Exciting times ahead for us both, hopefully!

AnnemareLass123 Wed 04-May-16 06:48:26

oh alright that's great! with my last son we did it once and I fell pregnant, but looks like we are not getting it easy this time around but will keep on trying smile I am turning 31 this October so the time is ticking for us and hope we will be able to conceive this month it's so exciting!!

It does feel like I'm most probably going to get my period today or sometime this week been getting more cramps since last night and my cervix is high and firm what ever that's supposed to mean so I'll have to wait and see. I think I might feel better if I have a proper period because then I know that it's all working properly down there.

What country are you from??

LidikaLikes Wed 04-May-16 09:44:15

I live in Northern Ireland. What about you?

AnnemareLass123 Wed 04-May-16 10:09:37

I live in South Africa smile

newbie6 Wed 04-May-16 15:26:54

Me! I'm TTC no 3 and feel I'm running out of time! I'm 40 and have 2 boys, 3 and 1 so I reckon I am mad but hey ho, what's one more! Just about to start trying so hoping it happens quickly. Lots of baby dust being sent to all!

AnnemareLass123 Wed 04-May-16 15:56:46

Hi there, wow welcome to the conversation smile That's great news and also sending you some baby dust and hope you will conceive soon as well smile Loads of people think we are crazy to bring another child into the world because it's so expensive, but I grew up in an Afrikaans family and we are use to having big families, and also I think it would be nice to have another one for the future then at least they are three kids and can visit each other and be close to each other when we grow older hehe

I am very excited to try and conceive and would like to do it in this year, I have a heart condition so I'd rather want another one now and not wait until I'm too old and have complications, my hubby is 37 years old and I'm 31 this year he is scared for me to fall pregnant because of my heart and always said no we cannot try again, but before we both knew it we were trying and we are so excited and I can see he would love to have another one we both adore children. So I'm praying so very hard that we will be blessed just one more time for a beautiful baby and who knows maybe this time it will be a girl smile

Very nice to meet you, hope to hear back soon!!

sparkle789 Wed 04-May-16 18:54:46

I'm ttc #3.
Only on month one but managing not to get stressed so far! Dd1 (9) took 3 months to conceive dd2 (2) took a year. I'm hoping it doesn't take that long again, it was extremely stressful.

AnnemareLass123 Thu 05-May-16 07:30:17

With my first son it took us a whole year to conceive and it was really stressful to us both, with my first son it took us just once and I fell pregnant, but I didn't even know I was pregnant until I was three months pregnant, I still got my period every month but it was a very light flow.

Now we have been out of the game for ten years and I was on different types of birth controls for ten years, but off of it now for almost a year and we only started trying now to conceive.

Blueskies80 Thu 05-May-16 17:44:46

Me too! I'm one of four and dh of two, love the idea of three. Mine are 3 and nearly 5. Have been trying for a while and had two MCs. Have PCOS too so we shall see. I don't want a massive gap but I suppose nature might have other ideas.
Good luck all X

Jodders Thu 05-May-16 18:34:21

Hi everyone, we are also TTC #3 and have two boys (5&3).
I had the coil and got it removed on 23rd March.
I have just finished my first period since having it removed. Really thought I was PG before AF arrived blush
The hardest bit is finding time to BD! Are any of you using OPk's?

newbie6 Sat 07-May-16 22:24:11

Hi, I'm using OPK's, find them good but to be honest I fell pregnant v quickly with my first son, then it was 6 mths to fall pregnant with my second. Used OPK's for both and if I'm honest I did find it got quite stressful. Using them again this time and of course it's my fertile time and hubbie is unwell so think we may miss this month's opportunity. Also think my hubbie feels pressurised cause he knows he had to perform! No idea what to do, that said as you say finding the time is a challenge with 2 children under 3 in the house!! Xx

AnnemareLass123 Mon 09-May-16 06:37:51

Morning ladies!!!

I got the most wonderful gift yesterday for Mothers Day!! We got a BFP it's still sinking in by me that I am pregnant with number 3!!!

We are so happy, my two boys was a bit shocked but now they are fine and look happy and always asking about the baby and how far I am ect but I must still go to the doctor to see myself smile

sparkle789 Mon 09-May-16 07:46:30

Congratulations annemare!!

Hi jodders,
I'm not using opks this time I did last time but ended up getting better really obsessive and stressed so trying to be more relaxed this time.

I tested this morning and got a bfn sad absolutely gutted. No af yet so I know I'm not out. Still feeling and being sick, boobs are really sore and very bloated. So either I'm pregnant and it's to early or my body is playing tricks on me!

AnnemareLass123 Mon 09-May-16 09:29:24

Thank you, I completely forgot to let you know of something I did before I took my pregnancy test. I didn't think it was going to work but it actually did smile

My friend told me about the dettol test you can do at home to see if you are pregnant or not, and I tried it and it actually was right!! All you do is you take your urine (first one of the day) and then you obviously wee wee in a cup then you take the same amount of dettol and put it in your urine, when the urine turns milky then your are not pregnant, and if it separates and leaves a thick oil at the top there is a chance of pregnancy and I did that test all day long and it gave me the same result every time smile It's nice to try that instead of just buying tests the whole time smile

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