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Low dose aspirin when TTC

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LondonBerry Tue 03-May-16 11:08:08

38 yrs old
TTC for 8 months
2 early chemical miscarriages

My doctor advised that I take baby aspirin 75mg and heparin injections when I get pregnant again (have some clotting blood issues, APS borderline).

I have read online though that its a good idea to take the aspirin throughout the month.

(I am ovulating this week so taking the aspirin every day)

Any thoughts on this? Any info to give or advice?

TwinklyMusic Tue 03-May-16 23:49:47

Hi London.

I've heard this too. There are some ladies on the 40+ ttc thread who've also been told the same thing. And yes, every day.

I'm already having problems getting some, however, and I believe it is more common nowadays to get the third degree easier to get class A drugs if you ask for it in a pharmacy.

I've already been told by an online pharmacy they won't sell it to me because I answered honestly that I was taking it for recurrent miscarriage. Ironically, if I had lied and said it was for my heart or I had had a bypass op, I'd probably have got it no further questions. Also, I can buy regular strength in Sainsburys by just popping it in my trolley... hmm

Just not low dose...

I'll try somewhere else...

Did you get a prescription?

unlucky83 Wed 04-May-16 00:12:45

I was told I had APS 20+ years ago after a big clot and several possible clots but now test negative. I took low dose aspirin for many years. I used to get it off the shelf in Tescos (cheaper than a prescription charge) but a pharmacist should sell it to you. The only time a pharmacist refused to sell it to me was when I was very heavily pregnant. (Because of Reyes syndrome but the risk of a clot/miscarriage in your case is way greater than that) And she did sell it to me after a lecture - after I said I would get a script for it as it was prescribed and I understood the dangers etc.
I've got 2 DCs and never (to my knowledge) had a miscarriage but the first pregnancy was an accident and the second I wasn't trying/or not trying
And like I said I test negative and I was already on aspirin and did fragmin (heparin) injections throughout the pregnancies. I needed the pregnancy confirmed by a scan at 5 weeks for DC2 before I started the fragmin (you will also need frequent growth scans after 20ish weeks). If your consultant isn't clued up on APS get them to get in touch with Guys/St Thomas's pregnancy unit - Prof Beverly Hunt used to be in charge (I think still is) and it was her area of expertise...that dept will be clued up on the latest ways to treat pregnancy and APS.
Also make sure you continue the fragmin injections for 6 weeks after birth - you are still at an increased risk of clotting.
APS is also known as Hughes syndrome - there are support sites for APS and pregnancy.
The very best of luck

LondonBerry Wed 04-May-16 12:34:59

Hi TwinklyMusic
I'm able to buy the low dose 75mg from the chemist with no problems..

Hi unlucky83
My doc says to only take the aspirin once I get a positive pregnant test. But am finding a lot of people take it throughout the month...Luckily I live around the corner from Guys Hospital so will be able to get advice from there.

Anyone else taking aspirin throughout the whole month??

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