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Am i just wishful thinking?

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janenoble Mon 02-May-16 15:27:52

Gosh, i am driving myself mental! I'm seriously confused right now, and not quite sure what is going on with my body. So i'm turning to you wonderful ladies in hope that you might be able to help put my mind at ease.

Recently due to very personal circumstances, i was unable to get hold of my medication (contraceptive pill) and, when i was able to get them i'd been taking them a week before having unprotected sex (silly i know.) I was on the contraceptive pill for 11 years.

Now this is where things get interesting lol. As far as i knew i was on my monthly when i had unprotected sex, only i had no bleeding because the pill was in my system at this point and had curbed all of that. This was on the 14th of April. I had unprotected sex up until the 19th each day. TMI i know lol but i need to get this out to someone!

It's not the 2nd of may (obviously) lol and i've experienced several things in the days which have passed between intercourse and now.
In order of them happening.
Mild flue like symptoms.
Pain in my ovaries (or at-least what felt like)
At my mothers suggestion of pregnancy, i decided to stop taking my contraceptive pill at this point.
small back aches.
Then i had this ability to smell pee. lmfao Everywhere, i currently have a puppy, and i swear i could not stick the smell (even though she genuinely doesn't smell) it's just this day, every time she pee'd i wanted to scrub everything in the house. (she's a Chihuahua and is litter trained. I also started noticing the strength in smell of my own pee. Which, if im honest was slightly on the crazy side.
At this point i gave in and done a pregnancy test this was Friday. It came back negative.
Saturday morning i started bleeding. it was VERY faint. it's continued through Sunday off and on, with several hours in-between of nothing. I did notice thin black clots, and deep red clots, both being thin and stringy, still stupidly light bleeding compared to my normal heavy bleeding, which i think this was induced by stopping the pill.
If i am pregnant is that safe? Should i be worried.
Today i have also noticed Extremely blue veins and dark purple spider like veins, across my breasts...
Am i pregnant? or just a nuisance haha?

Junosmum Mon 02-May-16 15:43:28

Surely you realize no one can tell you and you just need to take a test?

bibbetybob Mon 02-May-16 15:45:12

Second junosmum. I get that you want support but just take a test, then come back to talk to people when you know.

janenoble Mon 02-May-16 16:01:10

I understand that, i'm just interested in symptoms of other people around the same time frame and experiences like my own, and whether or not i should take another pregnancy test.

Vixxfacee Mon 02-May-16 16:02:45

Everyone's symptoms are different. Just take a test.

FuzzyOwl Mon 02-May-16 16:04:31

I am 14 weeks pregnant and don't have blue veins so I don't think you can count that as a given for pregnancy.

Generally speaking to be able to get any pregnancy symptoms, you need to have enough hcg to show on a test. Coming off contraception has always given me weird cycles and the adjustment is very similar to how early pregnancy can make some women feel, as is the time between ovulation and period.

janenoble Wed 04-May-16 21:07:23

Hi ladies, just to give you all an update. Today my breasts have felt very swollen and painful! I've stopped bleeding which is a major plus. I took another pregnancy test this morning, which came back negative, but, i then sat down and reworked my dates and discovered, if i were to be pregnant i'd only be 9dpo LOL i've done two pregnancy tests in this time. I feel like such an idiot. It might still be nothing but right now? the pain in my boob surely that can't be just nothing?

Osirus Thu 05-May-16 09:10:03

At 9 days DPO you are highly unlikely to have any symptoms. The only one I had during this time was bouts of tiredness. The blue veins for example didn't appear until about 6-7 weeks. There was no sickness until 6.5 weeks, which is common. My breasts were less tender than normal leading up to BFP. I really didn't think I was pregnant (it was IVF so it was very planned). Of course, no one can tell you either way, you just have to test!

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