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Help? Not sure what to think of this test..

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MacksMama Sun 01-May-16 04:14:08

Hey guys! I took this test about 20 minutes ago. After about 10 minutes of taking it I could swear that there was a super faint line but I wasn't sure. I took the test apart and saw a faint pink line (see picture)
This didn't happen with my daughter - I had a blaring pink line from the beginning.
I've never really thought about evaps or false positive and I'm wondering if anyone can shed some light.. Thanks everyone! flowers

MacksMama Sun 01-May-16 04:15:38

Here it is about 30 minutes after taking the test

anklemcankle Sun 01-May-16 05:18:09

Could be the very start of a positive - was is first response?

MacksMama Sun 01-May-16 05:25:24

It is first response!

SherlocksAssistant Sun 01-May-16 06:34:01

I'm surprised a line that strong wasn't visible until the test was taken apart. It's not what I'd call a squinter

BoBo90 Sun 01-May-16 10:06:27

All my bfn frer stayed completely white even hours after the test! So I would say this is the start of a bfp. However as you're not supposed to open them/ check after the time limit I would be cautious and not celebrate yet! Do another test tomorrow with fmu and fx the line will show up straight away 😄

FirstTimeInForever Sun 01-May-16 10:59:53

I've had raging evaporation lines on Frer on numerous occasions. They'd fade over the next few hours as the test dried out but occasionally, you'd still be able to see where the line was even after the test had dried completely. Is there any colour to the line op? It's difficult to tell from the photo.

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