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When do I test ovulation?

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T0R1 Sat 30-Apr-16 22:14:45

I bought 30 ovulation sticks off eBay. For about a week I've been taking the test at about 9pm. Is this the right time of day to do it. I researched and I could only find advice saying not first thing in the morning and at the same time every day.

Today was the first time I've had a second line, it is faint though and the instructions say a faint line is negative. Is this correct. There has been nothing there at all in the past.

Thanks for any help.

mummytobecabz Sat 30-Apr-16 22:29:54

I think optimum time is around 2pm but alot of places say different things, thats when i used to do it, good luck xx

BoBo90 Mon 02-May-16 00:22:19

I take them at 1pm
You will get a faint line to start with and it normally builds up to a positive so keep testing! As it gets darker you might want to test a couple times a day as the positive can last just a few hours and you may miss it if only testing once 😊

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