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ttc #4 anyone elsE?

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flowerPowere Fri 29-Apr-16 10:33:39

CRAZYNESS! but yes ttc number 4

99% of the time im excited and the other late at night staring at the ceiling 1% im scared, mainly of others reactions, mainly of pushing my luck but hey ho we are on our journey!

i came of zelletta on the 22nd after being on it for 5 years and no periods at all.

still no AF but crampy everyday but the folic acid seems to be messing with my tummy

had my last two babies without a period after stopping the pill but that was the combined pill,

anyone else on this journey? would really love a buddy!

my kids are 11 8 and ust turned 5

if anyone fancies an email buddy too id love one!

i work from home sewing and hubby works at m & s, we get a discount but i still dont shop there! hahah

seatfor6 Mon 16-May-16 15:02:05

I am trying to convince my DH to Have no 5! I know what you mean about people's reaction - people have been quite negativesad

LH1981 Tue 17-May-16 19:26:38

Erm, I think I'm accidentally pregnant with number 4! Would love a buddy to be excited/terrified with!! xx

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